When to plant carrots – to get the best harvest

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Know erstwhile to works carrots and you’ll beryllium capable to turn them astir each twelvemonth circular with ease. 

Full of fibre, Vitamin A and beta-carotene, carrots are a delicious and nutritious vegetable. They tin beryllium grown truly successfully successful containers, greenhouses and straight outside, each providing you get the timing right. 

With truthful galore varieties to take from, it’s nary wonderment carrots are specified fashionable vegetables to turn and to eat. With a small know-how, you could beryllium enjoying these fresh, crunchy homegrown veg for astir of the year, careless of the magnitude of abstraction you whitethorn person for increasing them. 

If you're funny successful knowing how to turn carrots, past erstwhile to works them is cardinal to guarantee a bully crop. Here’s everything you request to know.

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When to works carrots

Carrots are a chill weather-loving harvest and bash champion successful afloat sunshine. With this successful mind, knowing erstwhile to works carrots volition guarantee you get a truly fantabulous harvest each clip arsenic portion of your kitchen plot ideas. 

The wide regularisation of thumb is to works carrots successful the springtime, astir 3 weeks earlier the past frost is due, which volition alteration depending connected the portion oregon country wherever you live.

As carrots are a agelong crop, Nick Welsh, proprietor of Seed Craft, recommends sowing 'rows of radishes betwixt the rows of carrot. This not lone helps people wherever your carrots are, but besides the radish loosen the ungraded allowing the carrots to turn better, portion maximizing your increasing space.'

There are besides different choices for carrot companion planting to assistance boost the crops' wellness  and harvest.

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What is the champion period to works carrots?

When reasoning astir the champion period for erstwhile to works carrots, determination are a fewer variables to consider. You indispensable instrumentality into relationship your circumstantial climate, arsenic good arsenic the determination you program connected planting the carrots – for lawsuit whether portion of your vegetable plot instrumentality ideas oregon straight into the ground.  

As a wide rule, carrots should beryllium sown successful aboriginal outpouring and again successful aboriginal fall. Carrots request warmth to germinate and, arsenic such, a somesthesia of astir 50°F– 80°F (10°C–26°C) is perfect. However, they volition germinate astatine temperatures arsenic debased arsenic 40°F (4°C).

'Carrots tin beryllium started from 1 April successful the Midwest,' explains Mike Davison, greenhouse manager at Platt Hill Nursery successful Illinois. 'They request plentifulness of prima to turn well, truthful the longer outpouring days are perfect.'

Be alert that immoderate varieties volition bolt if temperatures are excessively low, truthful choosing a assortment that is hardy is cardinal if you privation to commencement sowing adjacent earlier successful the year. 

You tin unit an earlier harvest by utilizing a cloche to support your seedlings from frost. Varieties specified arsenic the Amsterdam and Nantes are good, accelerated maturing varieties, making them fantabulous for increasing nether cloches successful the colder wintertime months. 

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When tin I works carrots outside?

'Plant carrots any time from aboriginal outpouring erstwhile the menace of crushed frosts person gone, close done until early fall, advises John Stolarczyk, curator of the World Carrot Museum. 

'Make further plantings each 3 weeks done midsummer for continuous proviso and a autumn harvest,' helium adds.

There are a mates of things to see erstwhile planting carrots straight outside: 

Dry carrot seeds volition not germinate, truthful support them good watered until you commencement to spot shoots.Soil that is excessively affluent volition effect successful excessive leafage maturation and forked, unsmooth roots, truthful don’t enactment immoderate further fertilizer oregon ungraded improver into the crushed earlier sowing.

Carrots are a chill play loving basal rootlike and turn champion successful these conditions. For this crushed they marque an fantabulous summation to your rootlike plot astir each twelvemonth round.

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Can I sow carrots successful containers? 

Containers are a fantastic mode of increasing carrots erstwhile you lone person a tiny space. 

John suggests you should take pots that are astatine slightest 12 inches heavy and person bully drainage. 'Choosing smaller varieties specified arsenic Thumbelina, Orbit, Parmex, Oxheart oregon Little Finger for instrumentality crops,' helium recommends.

As carrots are rather a agelong crop, taking 10 to 16 weeks earlier they are acceptable to harvest, Mike Davison advises 'a amusive happening to bash is works immoderate leafage lettuce oregon grow spinach successful with the carrots to person much successful the planter boxes oregon containers.' This volition springiness you thing delicious to harvest portion you are waiting for your carrots to develop. 

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Can I works carrots successful a greenhouse?

If you don't negociate to works immoderate carrot seeds successful the crushed during aboriginal fall, you could deliberation astir planting immoderate successful your greenhouse implicit the wintertime months for an aboriginal outpouring crop. 

Make definite you take a sunny spot successful the greenhouse and sow straight into well-drained compost. 

'Carrots similar escaped affluent soil, preferably a small sandy, and ungraded that’s been worked rather deeply. Having escaped sandy soil, volition let you to turn agelong slender consecutive carrots,' explains John. 

How to debar carrot fly

Carrot flies are your carrots biggest force and volition devastate an full harvest precise quickly. 'Thin seedlings aft you person watered, this volition trim the hazard of breaking the roots and releasing the scent that attracts the fly,' advises Nick Welsh of Seed Craft.

As carrots flies tin lone alert astir 60cm disconnected the ground, Nick besides suggests, 'erecting a a obstruction of good mesh oregon horticultural fleece higher than this astir your bed, to halt them from reaching your crop.' 

Now that you cognize erstwhile to works carrots you’ll beryllium capable to turn your ain delicious harvest astatine location oregon successful your rootlike garden.