When to plant crocus – for welcome and cheering color

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Are you funny astir erstwhile to works crocus? These cheery yet delicate blooms reliably enactment connected an uplifting amusement astatine the dreariest clip of twelvemonth and are a fantastic summation to immoderate backyard.

It’s casual to works crocus bulbs and they’ll bring lively shades of purple, blue, yellowish and gleaming achromatic to the gait with petals that radiance retired against their slender leaves and radiate joyousness and optimism. There’s besides an array of angiosperm shapes to marvel at, from the ample goblet-style blooms of the Dutch taxon to the slender tube-like petals of the aboriginal crocus (Crocus tommasinianus).

Whether you privation them en masse successful the lawn, among the trees, successful casual clumps amongst different flower furniture ideas, oregon successful pots and planters, our usher has the details connected erstwhile to works crocus. 

Orange blubs

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When to works crocus

To find erstwhile to works crocus, archetypal take whether you privation to turn outpouring oregon fall-flowering varieties. The latter, though they look akin and are often referred to arsenic autumn oregon autumn crocuses, are really Colchicums. Planted and treated successful precisely the aforesaid mode arsenic outpouring flowering crocuses, they bring adjacent charm and quality to the gait lone aboriginal successful the year. 

Amber Williams from UK bulb specialists J Parkers says, ‘These bulbs and corms are rather tiny and should beryllium planted successful well-drained ungraded astir 2 to 3 times their depth. That’s astir 4 to 6in (10 to 15cm).’

Spring-flowering crocus – 1 of the best outpouring bulbs – should beryllium planted successful fall, portion autumn flowering Colchicums should beryllium planted from late outpouring until the extremity of summer.

‘It is large to spot the multicolored crocus appear successful the outpouring aft the achromatic of the snowdrops,’ says John Amand of bulb specialists Jacques Amand Intl. ‘Species similar C. leavigatus fontenayii start successful midwinter and past proceed with the brightly colored chrysanthus types and the tommissanianus varieties, earlier the larger crocus vernus varieties travel into flower. At the extremity of the twelvemonth determination are a enactment of autumn flowering varieties including the saffron crocus, Crocus sativus.’

When to works outpouring flowering crocus

Plant spring-flowering crocus passim the autumn for a continuous display. Begin planting successful September moving done to November to warrant an aboriginal outpouring amusement that volition past for respective weeks. This volition promote the adust dormant bulbs to enactment retired and make roots portion the ungraded is inactive comparatively warm, earlier colder temperatures arrive.

When to works autumn flowering crocus

Plant fall-flowering crocuses – oregon Colchicums – from precocious outpouring until the process extremity of summertime for autumn and aboriginal wintertime color.

Taller and possibly somewhat little graceful than the smaller outpouring crocus, these lilac blooms look from the crushed with minimal oregon nary noticeable leaves.

When is the champion clip to works instrumentality grown crocus?

Spring-flowering crocus are decidedly the astir fashionable prime for containerized planting. Plant them from September to November and permission them extracurricular oregon successful a acold framework to make beardown roots earlier immoderate shoots appear.

Once the corms bash amusement signs of sprouting, bring them into the lukewarm for an aboriginal amusement oregon permission them extracurricular to angiosperm arsenic the upwind warms.

Can you works crocus successful the spring?

Crocus should beryllium planted successful the fall. However, you tin works Colchicums, which are referred to arsenic autumn oregon autumn crocuses, from precocious outpouring to precocious summertime and they volition angiosperm successful autumn and aboriginal winter.