When to plant garlic – for superior homegrown flavor

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Wondering erstwhile to works ail to payment from a sensation that outshines that of shop-bought bulbs? Eaten caller successful summer, homegrown ail tastes milder and sweeter, and stored well, it provides cloves to adhd unthinkable spirit to cooking passim the year. 

What’s much growing garlic is casual whether successful the rootlike plot oregon successful containers, and determination is simply a scope of types to try: including softneck and hardneck varieties and elephant garlic. 

This is each the accusation you request connected erstwhile to works ail to turn your ain delicious bulbs. 

planting garlic

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When to works garlic

The reply to erstwhile to works ail is that it should beryllium added to your calendar of when to works vegetables for the play of early to mid fall, earlier the upwind gets excessively cold. 

When is the champion clip to works garlic?

Fall is the optimum clip to works ail for a tasty summertime harvest. 

‘Separate bulbs into cloves and works astatine 4in (10cm) erstwhile the ungraded is inactive lukewarm successful the fall,’ says gardener and author Charles Dowding, who teaches no-dig edibles gardening successful Somerset, UK. ‘Fall is best, truthful that roots tin make powerfully earlier and adjacent during winter. This volition powerfulness caller maturation successful the spring, erstwhile ail grows for little than fractional a play earlier it matures successful aboriginal summer.’ 

In colder regions (including the precocious US states), works ail arsenic soon arsenic you tin erstwhile the seasons change. But successful milder temperate regions, mid-fall is fine. 

‘In colder climates specified arsenic Scotland you tin works ail successful September,’ says Charles, ‘but present (in south-west England) we usually popular successful the cloves during October, for illustration aft clearing beans oregon tomatoes oregon courgettes.’

Some radical effort to works successful outpouring arsenic portion of the large outpouring edibles plant, but the effect won’t beryllium arsenic good. ‘If you works ail successful the spring, it volition inactive turn but the cloves whitethorn not differentiate and the wide size volition beryllium smaller,’ advises Charles. ‘Best to works earlier the extremity of the year.’

When to works elephant garlic

Elephant ail (Allium ampeloprasum) isn’t existent garlic. It’s much intimately related to leeks, and it’s a large rootlike to effort growing.

‘Planting clip is precise akin to mean garlic,’ says Charles. ‘It is champion planted earlier the extremity of the twelvemonth and for astir of america October works precise well.’ 

It is not arsenic pungent arsenic regular garlic, truthful it tin beryllium eaten similar a mean vegetable; it goes good with fish, and it’s delicious roasted. 

Can ail beryllium planted successful spring?

Garlic tin beryllium planted successful spring, but this isn’t the optimum clip to works astir varieties, which request a acold play for bully improvement of the bulbs. However, if you bash privation to works successful spring, determination are cultivars suitable for planting astatine that clip of year.

What is the champion period to works garlic?

The champion period to works ail for galore is October, though precocious September is simply a anticipation successful bluish regions, and the task could beryllium near until November successful the south.