When to plant lavender – for wonderful scent and color

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Agreed that a gait tin ne'er person enough, but wondering erstwhile to works lavender?

Throughout summer, this past herb is simply a wide of blue-purple blooms. It hums with contented bees and flutters with butterflies, and the reviving aroma of the flowers and foliage scents the air. Then, during the acold months, this utile evergreen shrub provides operation and silver-green color. 

Knowing how to turn and attraction for lavender is key, of course, but to payment from each its assets this summertime it’s besides captious to works lavender astatine the close time, and our usher has the essentials. 

bee connected  lavender

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When to works lavender

The reply to erstwhile to works lavender is that potted lavender plants tin beryllium planted successful mid to precocious spring oregon early fall. Cuttings tin beryllium taken successful spring, precocious summer, oregon fall. And lavender tin beryllium sown from effect betwixt February and April

With the close conditions it’s good worthwhile. ‘If you person a sheltered country with truly crisp drainage, lavender adds the magic of fragrance to the garden,’ says Maryland-based scenery designer and designer Kirsten Coffen. ‘It has a agelong bloom time, bees adore it, and of people the dried flowers are fantastic for aromatherapy.’ 

Lavender tin beryllium portion of your flower furniture ideas, planted amongst roses, perennials, and different shrubs; it is superb trained into a debased hedge; and it’s casual to turn successful pots and model boxes. 

When to works lavender successful borders

Planning to enactment it into borders but wondering erstwhile to works lavender successful these? ‘April is the champion clip to works lavender,’ says Simon Charlesworth, manager of Downderry lavender nursery in Kent, UK. ‘Lavenders whitethorn sulk if planted excessively aboriginal erstwhile the upwind is wet. They similar to spell successful and past get distant immediately.’

Hailing from the Mediterranean, lavender likes prima and drainage and loathes excessively overmuch acold and moisture. 

‘You tin works successful March, if the upwind is mild,’ says Simon. ‘May is good, too. Later successful the year, you tin works successful September portion the ungraded is inactive lukewarm and possibly aboriginal October, depending connected the weather.’ 

Plant successful precise well-drained neutral to alkaline ungraded and don’t adhd fertilizer due to the fact that these shrubs – which turn chaotic successful the stony, unfastened crushed of the Mediterranean maquis – dislike affluent soil. 

In cool, temperate climates (such arsenic the bluish US and the UK), planting successful outpouring is champion and a presumption successful afloat prima is vital. But successful precise blistery regions, lavender is amended planted successful the autumn and tin beryllium placed successful a tract that is shaded successful the second fractional of the day. 

When to works lavender successful pots

As for erstwhile to works lavender successful containers? ‘April is the champion clip for planting successful pots truthful they don’t adust retired excessively rapidly earlier rooting retired and they’ll besides found good earlier flowering,’ says Simon. 

Choose a cookware with plentifulness of drainage holes due to the fact that lavender loathes being excessively wet. Plant successful a premix of peat-free compost and grit and spot successful afloat sun. 

‘‘Purity’ and ‘Purple Treasure’ scope 15in (40cm) and turn good successful pots,’ says Simon Charlesworth. ‘Unless it’s a large container, successful which lawsuit ‘Edelweiss’ (which is white) would look great.’

Pennsylvania-based scenery designer Nathan Tuno of Roots Landscape Inc recommends ‘Meerlo’ and Walberton’s Silver Edge, which are some variegated. ’I’ve had overmuch occurrence successful my ain metropolis instrumentality plot with the variegated forms. Be definite to adhd due drainage and possibly adjacent immoderate soil to your lavender ungraded substance arsenic they bash not similar bedewed feet and thrive successful the heat.’

When to sow lavender

Lavender is not the easiest works to turn from seed, but if you similar a situation and privation to turn a ample magnitude of lavender (for example, to make a lavender hedge to borderline a way oregon driveway), past it’s worthy a go. 

Sow successful precocious wintertime oregon aboriginal spring. Use coir Jiffy pellets or thing akin to marque planting retired speedy and easy; alternatively, sow successful module trays filled with compost that person been watered. Sow and lightly screen with compost oregon perlite. Place a propagator screen oregon integrative container implicit the tray and enactment successful a acold spot (such arsenic a fridge oregon chill garage) for 3 to 4 weeks. Then spot them successful a greenhouse oregon connected a agleam windowsill. 

When to works lavender cuttings

Taking cuttings is an casual mode to marque caller lavender plants. ‘Take softwood cuttings from non-flowering stems successful spring,’ advises herb supplier Jekka McVicar. ‘Take semi-hardwood cuttings successful summertime oregon aboriginal autumn from the beardown caller growth.’

Take the cuttings with crisp secateurs and plunge them into pots of grit and compost. Semi-hardwood cuttings tin beryllium overwintered successful a greenhouse oregon acold framework oregon connected a agleam windowsill. 

When  to works a lavender hedge

Plant a lavender hedge successful mid to precocious outpouring oregon aboriginal fall. ‘April is best, but September is besides good, truthful they tin basal retired earlier autumn,’ says Simon Charlesworth. ‘Generally debar the precocious summertime months: June, July and August, and debar November done February.’ 

For a important hedge, reaching 2ft (60cm), helium recommends ‘Folgate’ (purple) oregon ‘Arctic Snow’ (white), and for a debased hedge, ‘Purple Treasure’ and ‘Purity’ lone turn to 15in (40cm). Cut the hedge doubly a twelvemonth to support it steadfast and handsome: lightly trim successful April and past chopped harder (but ne'er into the woody stems) close aft flowering successful August oregon September. 

What clip of twelvemonth is champion to works lavender?

The champion clip of twelvemonth to works lavender is mid to precocious outpouring oregon aboriginal autumn if it’s potted lavender plants you’re readying connected putting in. If you similar the thought of sowing lavender from seed, this should beryllium done betwixt February and April. Be alert that increasing lavender from effect is not arsenic easy.

What period does lavender grow?

Lavender flowers successful precocious outpouring and summertime and blooms for a agelong time, besides rewarding the effort of planting with fragrance and bringing bees and butterflies to the backyard.