When to plant marigolds – for blazing color and cut flowers

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The flame-bright flowers of marigolds airy up the backyard passim summertime and supply a dependable proviso of caller chopped flowers for the house. 

On apical of that, these yearly plants odor fantastic and lure beneficial insects that support edible crops from predators. 

Easy to turn and disposable successful bold, fiery shades of orangish oregon golden marigolds are a invited tract among flower furniture ideas, and our usher has the lowdown connected erstwhile to works them. 

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When to works marigolds

You tin turn marigolds from effect oregon enactment successful ready-grown plants, and determination are 2 main types: Calendula and Tagetes. Calendula are amended for cutting, but some tin beryllium utilized for companion planting successful the rootlike plot oregon for ornamental color. Our usher has details connected erstwhile to works marigolds of either type.

‘Plant marigolds successful pots oregon usage them to capable successful holes successful the summertime perennial bed,’ says Ohio-based plot decorator Ethan McGory. ‘They are precise productive and casual to turn from seed.’  

When to sow Calendula marigolds

Being a hardy annual, cookware marigold (Calendula officinalis) tin beryllium sown nether screen (in a greenhouse oregon connected a windowsill) oregon nonstop into the ungraded extracurricular successful March, April, oregon May for summertime flowers the aforesaid year. Alternatively, they tin beryllium sown nether screen oregon nonstop into the ungraded extracurricular successful August oregon September for flowers the pursuing year. 

Sow successful well-drained ungraded successful sun, astatine fractional an inch (1cm) deep. Thin the seedlings to 12in (30cm) apart, support them from slugs, and h2o regularly (especially successful dry, blistery weather). 

When to works Calendula marigolds

Pot marigolds (calendula) tin beryllium bought arsenic bedding plants from works nurseries oregon arsenic seedlings via message bid successful May oregon June. Plant successful well-drained ungraded oregon containers successful sun. 

When to sow Tagetes marigolds

The reply to erstwhile to sow Tagetes marigolds depends whether you’re doing truthful indoors oregon outdoors.

‘The champion clip to sow tagetes indoors is six to 8 weeks earlier the past frost astatine a somesthesia of 70 to 75°F (21 to 24°C),’ says Kelly Funk, President of Park Seed. ‘Expect germination successful 5 to 7 days. African marigolds (Tagetes erecta) tin beryllium started indoors 2 to 3 weeks earlier than the French (T. patula) arsenic they instrumentality longer to initiate flowering.’ 

In temperate climates (such arsenic the bluish US and the UK), perfect sowing clip indoors (on a sunny windowsill oregon successful a heated greenhouse) is February for traditional, old-fashioned African marigolds (such arsenic Tagetes erecta ‘Park's Whopper’); portion much modern French marigolds (such arsenic T. patula ‘Linnaeus Burning Embers) and signet marigolds (such arsenic T. tenuifolia ‘Lemon Gem’) tin beryllium sown successful March oregon April. 

‘Seeds tin beryllium sown outdoors aft information of frost has passed successful your region,’ says Kelly. In temperate climates (such arsenic the bluish US and the UK), this is May and June. 

Sow these half-hardy annuals into moisture-retentive, well-drained ungraded successful sun, astir 10in (25cm) apart. ’When sowing outdoors, sow astatine a extent that is 4 times the width of the seed,’ advises Kelly.  

When to works Tagetes marigolds

Buy and works Tagetes arsenic ready-grown bedding plants successful May oregon June. Use them to brighten gaps successful borders, successful moisture-retentive, well-drained ungraded successful sun. Alternatively, works them successful pots oregon windowboxes. 

If you person grown your ain plants from seed, harden them disconnected earlier planting extracurricular – for example, by placing them successful a acold framework oregon by sitting the plants extracurricular during the time for a week covered with fleece, past gradually region the fleece. 

Do marigolds travel backmost each year?

Calendula and Tagetes are annuals, truthful they lone unrecorded for 1 year. However, if sown aboriginal and past deadheaded oregon regularly chopped for the vase, marigolds volition angiosperm for months, sometimes from May to November. Calendulas volition often self-sow, giving you much flowers the pursuing year. 

What should marigolds not beryllium planted near?

There aren’t galore plants that marigolds shouldn’t beryllium planted adjacent but debar planting them adjacent beans – a survey published successful Environmental Entomology showed French marigolds inhibited the maturation of drawback beans.