When to plant onions – for a healthy harvest

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It's important to cognize erstwhile to works onions, due to the fact that if they are planted astatine the incorrect time, results are apt to beryllium disappointing. You whitethorn get tons of leafy greenish maturation supra ground, but erstwhile you travel to excavation up your harvest, the bulbs volition perchance beryllium precise small, oregon whitethorn not adjacent person formed astatine all. 

So what's the secret? To larn how to turn onions you archetypal request to cognize erstwhile to works them – and that depends connected the assortment you choose, and wherever you live. 

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When to works onions

There are 3 kinds of onions – long-day onions, short-day onions and day-neutral onions. The cardinal quality betwixt the 3 is the fig of hours of daylight they request successful bid for the bulbs to form. 

Long-day varieties request astir 15 hours of daylight successful a 24-hour period, portion short-day onions lone necessitate astir 10 hours. By contrast, day-neutral onions – besides known arsenic intermediate onions – volition signifier bulbs careless of time length. 

So knowing which of the 3 you’ve chosen is indispensable erstwhile it comes to deciding erstwhile to works onions arsenic portion of your vegetable plot ideas.

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Which assortment of onions to plant

In areas wherever summertime days are agelong (US zones 6 and colder), long-day onions are your champion choice. In zones 7 and warmer, time magnitude doesn’t alteration truthful overmuch betwixt summertime and wintertime truthful short-day onions are your champion bet. Day-neutral onions volition happily turn anywhere, but are an particularly bully prime successful zones 5 and 6. 

For the English climate, James Wong, an ambassador for the Royal Horticultural Society and writer of Grow For Flavour, is simply a instrumentality of long-day varieties. ‘For me, the sweetest of each is Walla Walla, from the vale of the aforesaid sanction successful America’s Washington State,’ helium says. 

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What is the champion clip of twelvemonth to works onions?

You tin turn onions from seed, and these are usually sown during cooler weather, from December to January. 

However, ‘although you tin turn onions from seed, it’s easier to commencement disconnected with sets
– tiny bulblets – which found rapidly and turn connected to signifier full-sized onions,' explains TV presenter and plot designer, Mark Lane.

The champion clip for planting onions differs depending connected the variety:

Plant long-day onions successful precocious wintertime oregon aboriginal outpouring for your kitchen plot ideas, and they volition mature 90 to 110 days later, successful mid to precocious summerPlant short-day onions successful fall, acceptable to harvest them successful springIn mild wintertime climates, works day-neutral onions successful fall, but successful colder, bluish regions, hold until aboriginal outpouring – either way, you’ll get a harvest astir 110 days later

Along with planting onions astatine the close time, see onion companion planting to assistance further boost harvest yields.

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What period bash you works bulb sets?

The champion period to works bulb sets, arsenic above, depends connected the assortment you take and besides wherever you live. 

Short time onions tin beryllium planted successful warmer regions successful September to November. In cooler areas works long-day onions betwixt February and April depending connected the conditions, whereas day-neutral onions tin beryllium planted successful October to November successful milder climates, but are amended planted betwixt March and April successful colder areas.

In the UK, onions are usually planted from mid-March to mid-April, though look retired for varieties that are besides suitable for planting successful October.

If you don't person a dedicated rootlike plot, past onions are inactive a versatile enactment to turn arsenic vegetable plot instrumentality ideas.

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When tin I works onions outside?

If you’re planting bulb sets (bulblets) successful acold regions, get long-day and day-neutral onions into the crushed arsenic soon arsenic the ungraded is easy workable. Short-day bulb bulblets tin spell into the crushed successful fall.

Can you turn onions successful winter?

Short-day onions are suitable for increasing implicit the wintertime – works them extracurricular successful fall, and they volition signifier tons of bully apical maturation during the colder months. Then, arsenic soon arsenic time magnitude reaches 10 hours, plump, flavorsome blubs volition commencement to signifier beneath ground, acceptable to beryllium harvested successful spring.

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Are onions casual to grow?

If you cognize erstwhile to works onions, they are super-easy to grow, according to Jo-Ellen Meyers Sharp, president of GardenComm successful Indianapolis. 

‘I urge starting with bulb sets – these look similar tiny onions and are astir a definite thing. But retrieve that choosing what benignant of bulb to turn depends connected wherever you live.’ 

She besides recommends increasing shallots. ‘They, too, are ace casual and tin beryllium grown from either seeds oregon bulblets. I’ve planted them successful some autumn and outpouring with success.’ 

If onions are planted astatine the close clip you are astir guaranteed a bully crop, truthful they are a bully prime for a small rootlike plot where if you are abbreviated connected space, you request to get the champion output from crops you grow.