When to plant peonies – for a wonderful early summer show

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Asking erstwhile to works peonies truthful you tin bring flowers similar the ruffled layers of a wedding formal with a wide of silky pink, white, oregon magenta petals – sometimes up to 300 – to your backyard?

Voluptuous, romanticist peonies nutrient their richly scented blooms successful May and June so, erstwhile you’re successful the cognize astir how to turn peonies, knowing erstwhile to present them to your gait is crucial.

Our usher has the lowdown connected erstwhile to works peonies to bask their generous flouncy flowers opening the doorway to summertime twelvemonth aft year. 

When to works peonies

The reply to erstwhile to works peonies is that potted herbaceous and intersectional peonies tin spell successful the crushed astatine immoderate clip of year, but are champion planted successful precocious April oregon May oregon September. Bare basal herbaceous and intersectional peonies tin beryllium planted successful fall; likewise, potted oregon bare basal histrion peonies besides execute good if planted during fall

Hailing from China, the astir wide grown herbaceous peony (Paeonia lactiflora) is long-lived and, arsenic portion of your flower furniture ideas and for an unashamed amusement of hand-on-brow romance and femininity successful the backyard, plant roses with it. Peonies are besides large if you’re planting a cottage plot border; successful this lawsuit grow foxgloves and bellflowers with them. And they besides enactment good successful modern borders. 

‘I similar to spot peonies emerging from a slope of ornamental grasses specified as Liriope spicata or Carex oshimensis ‘Everillo' oregon intermixed with spring bulbs,’ says Oregon-based scenery designer and plot designer Bethany Rydmark.

Peony flower

(Image credit: Leigh Clapp)

When to works potted peonies

The accepted herbaceous lactiflora peonies and the much modern intersectional forms tin spell successful the crushed astatine immoderate clip of twelvemonth if you bargain them containerized. The optimum planting clip is mid to precocious outpouring oregon aboriginal autumn erstwhile the upwind is mild. However, potted peonies tin spell successful the crushed astatine immoderate clip of year, if request be. 

‘Once peonies are established successful their pots they are capable to beryllium planted astatine immoderate clip of the year,’ says Alec White, proprietor and caput nurseryman at Primrose Hall Peonies. ‘The sooner you works your peony successful the garden, the quicker it volition root. For mature plants this means they volition bloom successful their adjacent flowering season. All our plants are astatine slightest 5 years old, which means they are astatine flowering maturity.’ 

Avoid planting during precise blistery oregon precise acold upwind oregon erstwhile the crushed is waterlogged. 

When to works bare basal peonies

As for erstwhile to works peonies successful bare basal form, beryllium alert of however these are cultivated. ‘Bare basal peonies are lifted from the tract successful autumn and kept successful acold storage, and it is champion to works them arsenic adjacent to lifting arsenic possible,’ says Alec White.

‘This is due to the fact that the bare roots deteriorate arsenic soon arsenic they are retired of the soil. The good achromatic hairy roots connected the tuber commencement to dice backmost aft lifting and for this crushed we would counsel not to bargain oregon works bare basal peonies beyond November depending connected the crushed conditions. 

‘We person noticed a fig of bare roots disposable to acquisition during outpouring – beryllium alert that those bare roots volition person been successful retention since autumn and volition not found successful the plot until the pursuing play astatine least.’ 

Soak the roots for fractional an hr to an hr earlier planting successful well-drained, retentive, affluent ungraded successful sun. 

When to works histrion peonies

Both containerized and bare basal histrion peonies (shrubby peonies with woody stems) are champion planted successful fall, truthful that they tin found a steadfast basal strategy implicit winter, acceptable for the outpouring increasing season. 

However, it is besides imaginable to works successful wintertime (as agelong arsenic the crushed is not frozen oregon waterlogged) oregon aboriginal spring. But debar planting during precise acold upwind and ne'er works during the vigor of summer. 

Bare basal plants are cheaper, but not arsenic reliable. Soak the roots for fractional an hr to an hr earlier planting. 

Tree peonies dislike being waterlogged, truthful guarantee they person a free-draining ungraded by digging successful integrated substance and grit, if necessary, earlier planting. 

When to works taxon peonies

There are respective beauteous taxon peonies disposable – including soft-yellow P. daurica subsp. mlokosewitschii (Molly the Witch), pink P. cambessedesii (Majorcan peony), and red P. tenuifolia (fernleaf peony) – and they are champion planted successful precocious spring. However, they tin beryllium expensive, truthful it’s worthy trying to turn them from effect successful the fall. 

When to sow peony-flowered plants

Peonies tin instrumentality clip to establish. If you’re impatient, determination are respective plants that person akin flowers:

Peony-flowered opium poppies (Papaver somniferum Paeoniiflorum Group), specified arsenic ‘Scarlet Peony’ and ‘Black Peony’, person peony-like treble flowers supra blue-gray foliage successful summer. Sow nonstop successful April oregon May for flowers this summertime oregon sow nonstop successful aboriginal autumn for flowers adjacent year. 

Double hollyhocks (such arsenic Chater’s Double Group and ‘Peaches ’n’ Dreams’) person peony-like flowers connected gangly stems successful summer. They are short-lived perennials grown arsenic biennials and tin beryllium sown successful outpouring oregon aboriginal fall, oregon bought arsenic potted plants and planted betwixt May and October. 

Gorgeous treble tulips (such arsenic soft-pink ‘Angélique’ and crimson ‘Antraciet’) nutrient peony-like blooms successful April and May. Plant them successful precocious October oregon November for flowers the pursuing spring.