When to plant plum trees – for a bumper fruit crop

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Easy-to-care-for plum trees are a boon for immoderate backyard, providing beauteous blossoms successful the springtime, fantastic foliage successful the summer, and richly colored, juicy effect successful September and October. 

When you works plum trees volition beryllium connected whether you opt for bare basal oregon potted trees. Either way, they are 1 of the best fast-growing effect trees and volition marque a gorgeous summation to your garden.

When to works bare-root plum trees

bunch of plums increasing  connected  tree

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It's a straightforward plot occupation to plant bare-root trees.

Bare-root plum trees are successful a dormant state, sold without immoderate ungraded astir the roots of the plant. Like immoderate different bare-root effect tree, plum trees are champion planted extracurricular betwixt autumn and spring. In fact, this is the lone clip of twelvemonth erstwhile you volition beryllium capable to acquisition the trees, acceptable for planting.

‘You tin really works bare-root plants anytime betwixt leafage autumn (when deciduous plants shed their leaves) and bud burst (when they commencement to turn backmost again successful spring), but autumn is champion due to the fact that coagulated conditions promote caller rooting,’ explains award-winning gardener, Alan Titchmarsh. ‘In wintertime the crushed is often excessively boggy oregon other frozen coagulated truthful they tin often conscionable rot. But if conditions are bully you tin support going close done the winter, and arsenic precocious arsenic mid-March.’

Bare-root plants indispensable beryllium planted arsenic soon arsenic imaginable aft purchase, arsenic their roots are unprotected. If you’re not acceptable to works them into their last position, take immoderate spot of ungraded and works the histrion temporarily successful bid to support the roots and support the works alive.

When to works potted plum trees

young plum histrion   with fruit

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Trees that are supplied successful containers person their roots surrounded by ungraded and truthful are already growing. Unless they are a tiny histrion that is blessed to beryllium grown successful a pot, they volition request to beryllium transplanted into their optimum presumption successful the garden.

Although it’s champion to works potted plum trees arsenic soon arsenic possible, they volition stay happily successful their pots for a fewer weeks. Remember to support them watered until you are acceptable to works successful the garden.

If you are buying a plum histrion successful person, alternatively than ordering from a nursery, look for a histrion with a beardown person (main stem), with a equilibrium of branches increasing disconnected from it. You tin past determine however and erstwhile to works your plum histrion to springiness it the champion commencement of processing good and producing a bully harvest of fruit.

Where to works plum trees

plum histrion   blossom

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Our usher connected how to works plum trees has each the accusation you request to presumption your histrion and works it to guarantee it establishes well.

‘All plums bash good successful somewhat heavy, damp soil, though possibly it is amended to accidental that they bash not bash truthful good connected precise hot, dry, free-draining sites,’ says gardener Monty Don. ‘Quite a fewer varieties, specified arsenic “Victoria”, “Czar” and astir greengages bash good successful immoderate shade, adjacent connected a north-facing wall. When grown successful shadiness they make their sugars much dilatory and truthful person a richer, much analyzable flavor.’