When to plant strawberries – for the tastiest treats of summer

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As an casual and fashionable effect to grow, knowing erstwhile to works strawberries is important for a bumper, flavorful harvest.

Nothing rather beats a home-grown strawberry, and arsenic they are elemental to works and look after, increasing these tasty fruits is simply a large mode of getting children funny successful gardening. 

A important origin successful how to turn strawberries is knowing erstwhile to works strawberry varieties to suit your section clime and increasing conditions. Get it right, and you could beryllium picking your ain wrong a substance of months.

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When to works strawberries

Strawberry plants, depending connected the type, are mostly planted retired successful outpouring erstwhile the ungraded becomes workable, oregon astatine the extremity of the increasing play successful fall. 

Planting strawberries doesn’t person to instrumentality up invaluable increasing space, arsenic they tin beryllium grown successful containers, hanging baskets and adjacent vertical partition hangers and are cleanable to adhd to your kitchen plot ideas.

Strawberry plants are hardy perennials and volition travel backmost twelvemonth aft year, making them a comparatively inexpensive delight to grow. However, ‘strawberry plants are productive for astir 4 years, truthful it is bully to propagate runners regularly to support rejuvenating your works stock’ says Debi Holland, an RHS trained horticulturalist who manages Debi Holland Gardening. 

When reasoning astir erstwhile to works your strawberries, respective factors request to beryllium considered. ‘The section clime volition person an interaction connected planting times. Note section upwind conditions and works extracurricular successful outpouring erstwhile frost-risk has passed. Winds tin besides beryllium an issue. Plant strawberries successful protected areas to trim angiosperm harm and marque it easier for pollinating insects,’ explicate Debi.

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What period is champion to works strawberries?

The USDA works hardiness portion and your section clime volition person a bearing connected which period is champion to works your strawberries. 

‘Strawberries are a cooler upwind shaper and aboriginal planting of a time neutral assortment is champion erstwhile evening/morning temperatures are upwards of 45 degrees.  Planting a June bearing assortment is typically done successful either precocious summertime oregon mid-October to wintertime over, for effect picking erstwhile you person the longest time magnitude hours of the year,’ says Leonora Meier of adept strawberry growers Lassen Canyon Nursery.

If you are planting strawberries successful autumn and unrecorded successful a colder region, you whitethorn request to look into ways to winterize strawberry plants to support them implicit the coldest months.

Most strawberry varieties turn champion successful afloat sun, though they volition tolerate immoderate shade. Alpine oregon chaotic strawberries, connected the different hand, don’t necessitate afloat prima and are perfect for a shaded spot.

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When to works strawberries nether cover

Growing strawberries nether screen tin lengthen the increasing play and adjacent nutrient a harvest arsenic aboriginal arsenic April oregon May, depending connected the clime wherever you live.

There are a fig of options for erstwhile to works strawberries nether cover, which you tin origin into your planting docket erstwhile planning a greenhouse:

Strawberry plants tin beryllium planted successful an unheated greenhouse oregon poly passageway successful the autumn to effect the pursuing spring.They tin beryllium planted successful March to harvest a fewer months later. If grown successful a heated greenhouse, strawberries tin beryllium planted retired arsenic aboriginal arsenic December, with pickable effect acceptable from precocious March onwards.

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When to works strawberries grown successful containers

Strawberries are often grown arsenic vegetable plot instrumentality ideas arsenic they tin easy beryllium moved nether screen to debar frosts and past backmost extracurricular again erstwhile necessary, to the sunniest spot successful the garden. 

When it comes to erstwhile to works strawberries successful containers, bare-root and potted plants tin beryllium planted retired from outpouring to aboriginal summer, hopefully providing the archetypal fruits lone respective weeks later. 

However, if you are increasing strawberries from runners, these tin beryllium planted retired successful September to found earlier fruiting the pursuing year. 

When to works strawberry seeds

Strawberry seeds tin beryllium planted successful precocious wintertime oregon aboriginal spring. The plants volition beryllium tiny and necessitate immoderate attraction earlier planting out. Gradually harden disconnected the young plants earlier planting retired successful their last presumption successful spring, but lone erstwhile each hazard of frost has passed. 

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When to works strawberries for a summertime harvest?

If you works them astatine the close time, astir strawberry varieties, if planted arsenic bare basal oregon potted plants successful outpouring and fixed the close conditions, volition supply thing to devour aft 3 months. 

When reasoning astir erstwhile to works strawberries, Leonora Meier suggests ‘the champion question a grower should inquire themselves is “When bash I privation to beryllium picking flavorful strawberries?”

‘The reply to that question is to map retired your timeline of erstwhile your past oregon archetypal expected frost day is and number backwards 6-8 weeks. That is your planting model to either beryllium picking marketable effect oregon having a beardown basal strategy to get the works done the dormant period,’ she explains.

However, it is bully to retrieve that strawberry plants grown from effect won’t harvest until their 2nd season, and adjacent potted oregon bare basal grown plants tin instrumentality a twelvemonth to found afloat and truly nutrient a bountiful harvest.