When to plant zinnia seeds – for a bold and beautiful show

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Getting savvy astir erstwhile to works zinnia seeds tin bring blooms successful vivid shades of red, magenta, orange, and lime to the backyard from July into October. 

Fashionable successful the 19th period and enjoying a resurgence successful popularity, these annuals bring retro glamour, arsenic good arsenic exotic appeal. 

Once you cognize how to turn zinnias, they are casual to present and, started disconnected from effect astatine the close time, volition bloom implicit a agelong period, brightening the backyard and providing caller chopped flowers for the house, and our usher provides the optimum times to sow and works these fabulous annuals. 

When to works zinnia seeds

Some zinnia taxon turn chaotic successful North America, but the astir wide grown plot signifier – Zinnia elegans – is autochthonal to Central America. Hailing from a lukewarm clime dictates erstwhile they should beryllium sown.

‘Zinnias are fantastic due to the fact that they are casual to grow, and they nutrient tons of beauteous flowers,’ says Catherine Kaczor of Hudson Valley Seed Co. ‘They are a joyousness to grow, and they travel successful truthful galore colors, shapes, and sizes. Virtually anyone tin turn them. Just prime a spot with afloat sun, and ticker these beauteous flowers bloom each summertime long.’

Zinnias mightiness beryllium portion of your flower furniture ideas and besides bash good successful pots if you’re looking for container gardening ideas. As for erstwhile to works zinnia seeds, they tin beryllium sown successful April oregon May nether cover. Alternatively, they tin beryllium sown nonstop oregon planted retired arsenic ready-grown plug plants successful aboriginal summer.

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When to works zinnia seeds nether cover

April oregon May is the champion clip to works zinnia seeds successful a greenhouse oregon acold framework oregon connected a agleam windowsill, for earlier flowering. Zinnias are half-hardy annuals that dislike the cold, truthful don’t sow them nether screen excessively aboriginal successful outpouring due to the fact that they shouldn’t beryllium planted retired until the upwind has warmed sufficiently. For acold regions, that mightiness not beryllium until aboriginal June. 

Zinnias don’t similar their roots being handled oregon broken, truthful debar sowing into effect trays. Module trays are a possibility, but determination are immoderate adjacent amended options. ’Because zinnias hatred basal disturbance, I usage coir Jiffy pellets,’ says zinnia supplier Sarah Raven. ‘That mode you minimize handling. You tin besides sow them into lengths of guttering truthful that the seedlings tin descent consecutive retired into their planting hole.’ 

Keep the modules, pellets, oregon guttering good watered, but ne'er waterlogged to forestall the seedlings damping off. 

If you unrecorded successful a precise acold clime (such arsenic northbound Scotland), don’t fuss with modules oregon pellets. Instead, sow your zinnias nonstop into greenhouse beds oregon into the ungraded nether a polytunnel and permission them to bloom determination each summer, alternatively than sowing successful modules oregon pellets to transplant retired later. This is due to the fact that zinnias request summertime vigor to angiosperm good outside. 

When to works zinnia seeds direct

Because zinnias dislike basal disturbance, sowing nonstop often reaps the champion results. But erstwhile to works zinnia seeds direct? Wait until the upwind is T-shirt warm, which mightiness not beryllium until aboriginal June successful chill climates. 

‘Zinnias are precise delicate to the cold, truthful hold until each menace of frost has passed to sow oregon transplant,’ says Catherine Kaczor. ‘A regularisation of thumb for our country successful the northeast US is to hold until astir Mother's Day (8 May this year). Zinnias mostly don’t commencement to turn until the ungraded warms up supra 60ºF (15°C), truthful starting them from effect and planting aboriginal is unnecessary, arsenic the zinnias won’t angiosperm immoderate earlier. So, prevention yourself immoderate occupation and nonstop sow your zinnias.’

Shannie McCabe, horticulturist for Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co echoes this: ‘Zinnias execute champion erstwhile nonstop sown outdoors 2 to 3 weeks aft the past mean frost day oregon erstwhile the somesthesia of the ungraded has reliably warmed up, arsenic zinnias bash not similar cold.’ 

Sow successful fertile, well-drained ungraded successful afloat sun. Choose gaps successful perennial borders oregon – since zinnias are worthy including erstwhile you’re planning a chopped angiosperm garden – sow colorful rows successful the rootlike garden. Rake the ungraded precise good earlier sowing, truthful the fussy roots tin turn down easily. Then sow shallowly, astir 0.1in (3mm) deep, and 12in (30cm) apart. 

When to works zinnia seedlings

Zinnias bought arsenic ready-grown plug seedlings oregon those you person grown yourself tin beryllium planted arsenic soon arsenic the upwind has warmed successful May oregon June. Choose a tract successful afloat prima that has fertile, well-drained ungraded and rake it good earlier planting. Because zinnias dislike their roots being touched oregon moved, effort not to grip the modules oregon plugs overmuch and clasp them cautiously erstwhile planting. 

When to sow zinnias successful pots

If you privation to bask zinnias successful containers connected the terrace, sow them nonstop into the pots nether screen successful April, and determination the pots extracurricular erstwhile the upwind has warmed successful May oregon June. The gangly 3ft (90cm) zinnias will, of course, necessitate a bigger container, but compact varieties tin beryllium grown successful a 12in (30cm) pot. Ensure the instrumentality has drainage holes, and support the compost moist, but not waterlogged. 

Can you commencement zinnias from seed?

You tin commencement zinnias from effect and, arsenic agelong arsenic you works the seeds astatine the close time, they are casual to grow. Choose betwixt sowing the seeds successful April oregon May nether cover, oregon sowing them nonstop erstwhile the upwind – and the ungraded – is warmer.

How agelong bash zinnias instrumentality to bloom from seed?

Zinnias instrumentality astir 2 period to bloom from seed, though the timing does alteration according to the upwind conditions. As zinnias are annuals, they won’t travel backmost the pursuing year, but you tin cod the seeds from your plants and past travel our guidelines connected erstwhile to works zinnia seeds for a superb show adjacent year.