When to prune a blueberry bush – how to keep your fruit tree at its best

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A blueberry bush is simply a fantastic summation to a garden, adding colour and cultivation to your outdoor abstraction – and the much you prune your blueberry bush the amended it volition become.

In bid to support a steadfast works and a plentiful harvest of blueberries, pruning your blueberry bush is essential, and knowing erstwhile to bash this volition guarantee for optimum growth. It is besides worthy learning how to turn blueberries earlier getting started.

Tom Hilton, gardening adept astatine National Greenhouse (opens successful caller tab), says, 'in bid to turn a palmy blueberry bush to support you picking disconnected delicious fruits for steadfast treats, it’s each successful the pruning to support it live and thriving.'

When to prune a blueberry bush – for maximum maturation and a steadfast plant

Green blueberry bush showing the antithetic  stages of a blueberry.

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For apical tips and adept proposal connected erstwhile to prune a blueberry bush, consult our measurement by measurement usher below.

1. Assess the growth

It whitethorn dependable simple, but looking astatine your works and decently assessing if it needs to beryllium pruned is wherever you should start.

If determination are immoderate parts of the works that are dry, 'twiggy' oregon weak, prune these backmost truthful you are near with the healthy, caller growth.

Tom Hilton states, 'make definite to region immoderate broken, weakened, damaged and precise aged canes to assistance with the renewal process.  The champion benignant of blueberries are grown connected 2 to 4 twelvemonth aged canes, ones that are older than this tin beryllium substantially weaker, resulting successful unimpressive, smaller blueberries.' 

By cutting backmost your works and having lone the healthiest and strongest branches, you tin boost the maturation of your blueberry bush.

2. The champion clip to prune

The champion clip to prune a blueberry bush is earlier it buds, which is usually towards the extremity of wintertime into the opening of spring. 

Plant expert, Melvin Cuban from PlantIn (opens successful caller tab) states, 'pruning blueberries indispensable synchronize with their maturation rhythm to execute the champion results. The champion clip to prune blueberry bushes is during its dormancy play successful precocious wintertime oregon aboriginal outpouring earlier caller buds popular out.'

Before pruning, guarantee that immoderate long, acold spells of wintertime upwind person afloat passed, you tin past decently measure your works and prune backmost immoderate affected, dormant sections, acceptable for a steadfast maturation successful the spring.

3. Regular cuttings

As discussed, your blueberry bush needs to beryllium annually pruned aft winter, however, regular cuttings volition besides assistance to support a steadfast plant.

Melvin Cuban states, 'reduction cuts of immoderate unhealthy, sickly branches ensures bully maturation and tin maximize the prime and quantity of the fruits'.

One to happening to look retired for is if your blueberry bush seems overcrowded, arsenic this volition impact the velocity of growth. There should beryllium a premix of astir fractional and fractional aged and caller branches successful your blueberry bush, with astir 8 branches altogether. Making definite that determination are nary crossed oregon overcrowded branches of antithetic lengths volition let the works the abstraction it needs to grow.

Are you expected to chopped backmost blueberry bushes?

Green blueberry bush with blueberries.

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Blueberry bushes are precise resilient plants and payment greatly from regular pruning.  

As agelong arsenic you are decently assessing the maturation and cutting backmost lone dead, damaged and unhealthy sections of the plant, your blueberry bush volition turn to beryllium strong, steadfast and long-lasting.

Blueberry expert, Troy Wojtaszek (opens successful caller tab) says, 'it sounds scary to beryllium pruning truthful overmuch out, but that's mean truthful don't beryllium afraid. Blueberry bushes are precise hardy plants, the much you bash it, the amended you'll get astatine it and the works volition convey you for it with bigger and amended blueberries for years and years to come.'

Do blueberries effect connected aged oregon caller wood?

Blueberries turn connected aged wood, with the champion fruits increasing connected twigs that are astir 2 years old. 

When you're pruning your blueberry bush guarantee to find the cleanable equilibrium of leaving a premix of aged and caller maturation - lone removing the parts of the works that are overcrowded, dormant oregon diseased.