When to prune citrus trees – for the best blossoming fruits

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By learning erstwhile to prune citrus trees, you're ensuring some a desirable aesthetic arsenic good arsenic a healthier and much prolific harvest of fruits.

Not lone bash they adhd a joyful aesthetic to a conservatory oregon patio, citrus trees besides merchandise zesty fruits for the grow-your-own inclination and marque a large publication to kitchen plot ideas. 

And pruning citrus volition assistance the trees look bully arsenic good arsenic reap abundant rewards. 'The superior reasons to prune a citrus histrion are to support a desired signifier and size of histrion and besides for wide histrion health,' explains Andrew Gaumond, horticulturist astatine Petal Republic. 

'Through pruning, you're capable to bladed retired subdivision structures, which let for amended aeration and airy penetration to each parts of the tree, region dormant oregon decaying branches and foliage, and promote caller steadfast maturation to emerge.'

So whether you are considering growing citrus from seed oregon cultivating an orangish tree, find retired erstwhile to prune citrus trees here.

When to prune citrus trees

'The champion clip to prune astir types of citrus is either aboriginal successful outpouring earlier the citrus histrion has begun to angiosperm and nutrient effect oregon aft the past harvest (typically successful precocious fall),' says Andrew Gaumond.

'As a wide rule, you tin prune backmost your citrus histrion anytime, adjacent erstwhile it is producing flowers,' says FLOWERBX's Whitney Bromberg Hawkings. 'However, the optimum clip to prune differs somewhat betwixt antithetic varieties of citrus tree, successful bid to get the champion retired of their quality and delicious fruit.'

When to prune citrus and orangish trees

If you privation to cognize how to prune a citrus tree oregon orangish tree, timing is each important.

'Citrus trees similar citrus oregon orangish are champion pruned successful warmer regions betwixt February and April; conscionable debar doing truthful erstwhile it’s peculiarly hot! Meanwhile, they tin beryllium near unsocial wholly until March successful cooler climates,' says FLOWERBX's Whitney Bromberg Hawkings.

When to prune lime trees

FLOWERBX's Whitney Bromberg Hawkings adds: 'Alternatively, lime trees are champion pruned successful aboriginal outpouring oregon precocious summer, oregon immoderate clip earlier blooming.'

When should you debar pruning citrus trees?

While you tin theoretically prune unruly citrus trees astatine immoderate time, determination are surely highest times for pruning citrus trees.

'Pruning citrus trees conscionable earlier oregon aft their cardinal increasing play allows much sunlight to walk through, encouraging fruits to beryllium nourished by the rays of brighter days and benefiting from further aerial circulation, which helps to forestall disease,' says FLOWERBX's Whitney Bromberg Hawkings.

'I would ever suggest to debar pruning a citrus histrion during the months that it is flowering and producing fruit, which is passim precocious summer. 

'This is erstwhile your histrion is astatine its strongest; soaking successful the astir vigor acknowledgment to sunnier days.'

Petal Republic's Andrew Gaumond concurs, adding: 'Pruning tin origin a grade of daze to the histrion which whitethorn impact effect accumulation during the progressive increasing play truthful it's prudent to debar thing different than airy pruning of damaged oregon decaying histrion limbs successful the outpouring and summertime months.'

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Why bash citrus trees request to beryllium pruned?

Citrus trees request to beryllium pruned to thrive. But you volition beryllium pleased to perceive that they lone necessitate minimal attention. 

So what is pruning and wherefore should you bash it? Whitney Bromberg Hawkings of FLOWERBX explains: 'Pruning involves thinning retired immoderate areas of overcrowding by neatly clipping backmost further branches towards the apical of the tree, optimising abstraction for sunlight to get successful and therefore, allowing maximum effect to blossom. 

'If your citrus histrion has go peculiarly unruly, you tin prune it backmost by up to two-thirds, encouraging beauteous caller regrowth.'