When to prune dogwood trees – for year-round rewards

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If you emotion a jolt of colour successful the garden, discovering erstwhile to prune dogwood trees volition assistance you bask a beauteous show astir each twelvemonth round.

A fashionable ornamental plant, dogwood trees are often utilized successful gardens to supply pops of colour passim autumn and winter, but is besides 1 of the best trees for screening and privacy successful summertime and best trees for autumn color.

Its beauteous flowers crook into tiny achromatic berries aft pollination by insects, providing nourishment for birds and mammals, which besides makes it a large summation for a thriving eco strategy successful your ain backyard. 

But when's the champion clip to prune to guarantee a beauteous blossom? Get the lowdown connected maintaining dogwood trees with pruning below.

When to prune dogwood trees

Cornus alba Sibirica an Iris 'Katherine Hodgkin'

(Image credit: RHS/Neil Hepworth)

'Dogwoods are renowned for their vigorous maturation complaint and volition payment from pruning backmost successful precocious wintertime conscionable earlier the histrion comes retired of its earthy play of dormancy up of spring,' says Petal Republic's Andrew Gaumond.

'This volition guarantee robust growth, denser foliage, and beforehand wide histrion health. As a wide rule, it's worthy pruning dogwood trees each 2nd oregon 3rd year.'

FLOWERBX's Whitney Bromberg Hawkings suggests pruning erstwhile a twelvemonth astatine most, adding: 'Dogwood requires a hard pruning erstwhile a twelvemonth – lone aft its archetypal twelvemonth of growth, arsenic this archetypal 12 months allows your histrion to marque its people during its archetypal summer. 

'March is the champion clip to prune a dogwood tree, preparing it perfectly for the pursuing sunnier seasons.'

Why does a dogwood histrion request pruning?

A wintertime  plot  planting of Thuja occidentalis evergreen trees with Cornus Alba 'Westonbirt'

(Image credit: Jacky Parker Photography / getty Images)

Dogwood trees request small care, truthful it volition beryllium euphony to your ears to perceive that you tin beryllium backmost and bask their quality passim the seasons.  

FLOWERBX's Whitney Bromberg Hawkings says: 'They are adaptable and thrive successful astir landscapes, increasing rapidly to found themselves. 

'However, due to the fact that of this accelerated growth, pruning volition assistance you instrumentality vantage of your tree’s caller abundance of colorful leaves – definite to brighten days passim the year.'

Andrew Gaumond agrees, adding: 'Whilst dogwood trees mostly bash a decent occupation connected their ain of maintaining their size and shape, pruning tin assistance to bladed retired congested subdivision structures and chopped backmost immoderate random limbs that are proving to beryllium a small over-ambitious.'

When should you debar pruning dogwood trees?

Cornus Kousa oregon  Japanese Dogwood

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Where possible, debar pruning dogwood during the progressive increasing play arsenic these trees often nutrient a heavy sap from the wound, which whitethorn successful crook pull a fig of pests and illness issues. 

Whitney comments: 'Once caller leaves statesman to appear, you should permission your dogwood histrion to bloom, should you privation to bask its precocious play of colorful beauty. Wait until astatine slightest precocious winter, if not spring.'

Why works dogwood?

Cornus – commonly known arsenic dogwood – is simply a genus of up to 60 taxon of woody plants and trees. 

Andrew Gaumond, of Petal Republic, explains further: 'Dogwood is simply a flowering deciduous tree that's loved for its voluminous blooms and humble size. 

'They are suitable for a scope of plot sizes arsenic they typically won't scope much than 20ft oregon truthful gangly and thin to turn retired arsenic overmuch arsenic up. 

'These trees thrive champion successful milder climates that don't acquisition frigid winters and should commencement blooming abundantly from aboriginal outpouring each year.'

Whitney Bromberg Hawkings, co-founder of FLOWERBX, adds: 'A bonus is that they connection year-round beauty, but are peculiarly spectacular during the aboriginal outpouring months, erstwhile circumstantial varieties big a delicate amusement of sweetly toned achromatic and pinkish flowers.'