When to prune gardenias

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Wondering erstwhile to prune gardenias to support these plants the close size for your backyard, and shapely, too? While precise small pruning of these prized shrubs is necessary, it is decidedly a task worthy adding to a gardening to-do database for a handsome diagnostic plant, and it’s important to get the timing right.

On the desirable evergreen shrubs database for galore gardeners successful the southbound – arsenic good arsenic that of those located successful colder zones who are prepared to determination their plants indoors successful wintertime – gardenias are adored for their showy, fragrant blooms and charismatic foliage.

But to assistance them look their best, pruning is simply a bully idea, and this is the lowdown connected erstwhile to prune gardenias.

When to prune gardenias

Gardenias are 1 of the best flowering shrubs for engaged gardeners due to the fact that they don’t person to beryllium pruned much. But pruning volition support them successful shape, and volition let the removal of breached stems. 

If you’ve chosen gardenias to plant with hydrangeas, oregon person a smaller yard, and truthful privation to support them much compact, prune gardenias each year. But if letting them turn bigger works wrong the plot design, pruning each 2 oregon adjacent each 3 years tin beryllium capable to support them to the dimensions and signifier you want.

What clip of twelvemonth to prune gardenias

While erstwhile to prune gardenias tin alteration from annually to 2 oregon adjacent 3 yearly, the rules are stricter erstwhile it comes to the clip of twelvemonth to prune them. Get it incorrect and less flowers tin beryllium the result.

‘For trees and shrubs that are grown for their flowers, you indispensable see erstwhile they bloom earlier you determine to prune them,’ accidental Daniel Gill and Thomas A Merrill astatine LSU Ag Center (opens successful caller tab)

Be alert that gardenias whitethorn bloom conscionable erstwhile a year, oregon much than once, truthful you should beryllium definite astir the assortment successful bid to cognize erstwhile to prune. 

Prune gardenias aft flowering

Gardenias should beryllium pruned close aft the past angiosperm has bloomed. ‘Gardenias, similar azaleas, would request to beryllium pruned aft they person finished flowering, which volition beryllium sometime precocious outpouring oregon aboriginal summer,’ accidental the experts astatine UF/IFAS Extension Nassau County (opens successful caller tab).

Pruning a gardenia astatine this clip of twelvemonth avoids the hazard of cutting distant caller buds, which could hap if you prune successful the fall.

The timing is driven by the information that caller buds make connected older wood. Gardenias ‘bloom successful aboriginal summer, but they produced their angiosperm buds from past year’s growth’, explicate Daniel Gill and Thomas A Merrill.

For gardenias that bloom much than once, hold until the extremity of the last blooming rhythm to prune.

Can I prune gardenias successful winter?

You shouldn’t prune gardenias successful wintertime due to the fact that you hazard reducing the fig of flowers that volition bloom adjacent clip around. Prune successful summertime alternatively erstwhile older wood tin beryllium chopped backmost without risking the removal of recently formed angiosperm buds.

In summertime hold until the past of the shrub’s flowers has fallen and past prune for champion results.

Should you deadhead gardenias?

It is simply a bully thought to deadhead gardenias. Removing spent blooms prevents the works from mounting seed. Deadhead a gardenia aft the blooms wilt and it volition nonstop its vigor into producing flowers allowing you to bask much of the fantastic blooms. Remove aged flowers and the shrub volition look much attractive, too. 

It’s worthy deadheading a gardenia play passim the blooming season, pinching disconnected spent flowers oregon cutting them disconnected conscionable supra a leafage set. When the past of the year’s blooms person faded, you tin prune gardenias if you privation to amended their signifier oregon region breached stems.