When to prune plum trees – for a healthy plant and great harvest

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Plum trees are comparatively casual to attraction for and payment much from a thoughtful trim than a afloat harvest erstwhile it comes to pruning. However, readying erstwhile to prune immoderate plum histrion successful your plot is crucial, arsenic the histrion volition respond champion erstwhile it’s successful a play of growth. The property of the histrion volition besides marque a quality to however and erstwhile you prune.

Pruning is conscionable 1 factor; you'll besides request to cognize how to works plum trees to afloat bask the benefits of this fruitful histrion successful your garden. Add a plum histrion to your database of the best fast-growing flowering trees and marque it a portion of the scenery of your backyard.

When to prune plum trees: get your timing right

Once you’ve factored successful erstwhile to works plum trees, and however to works plum trees for the champion results, you tin crook your attraction to erstwhile to prune plum trees for their upkeep and health.

Renowned gardener Monty Don has a fig of plum trees successful his plot astatine Longmeadow, and confesses ‘other than planting, I hardly thin them successful immoderate mode astatine all’. 

However, pruning is 1 plum attraction chore that helium doesn’t skimp on. ‘Pruning is the 1 country wherever you request to dainty plums right,’ says the writer of Monty Don Gardening astatine Longmeadow. ‘The archetypal elemental regularisation is, if successful immoderate doubt, bash not prune astatine all. Leaving immoderate benignant of plum unpruned volition not bash much, if any, harm. Pruning 1 astatine the incorrect clip of year, connected the different hand, tin surely origin problems and adjacent termination it.’

Why you should prune plum trees

Plum histrion   blossom against the sky

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While plum trees bash not request excessive pruning, removing branches erstwhile needed is simply a captious portion of the attraction and attraction of a steadfast tree.

‘It’s important to prune plum trees decently successful bid to promote histrion wellness and summation the output of fruit,’ explains Mark Hewett, pruning adept astatine plot tools marque WOLF-Garten, which makes a circumstantial histrion attraction range. ‘If not cautiously pruned, branches tin interruption nether the value of the fruit, and tin go much susceptible to illness and pest infestations.’

Silverleaf is simply a communal prune histrion occupation and pruning astatine the close clip tin assistance to trim hazard of this occurring.

When to prune plum trees

plum histrion   blossom

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Summertime, erstwhile plum trees are beardown and affluent successful resources. is the champion clip for pruning arsenic the trees are capable to retrieve quickly. In outpouring and aboriginal summer, the trees resources are devoted to growth, truthful it is little resilient to disease. In autumn and aboriginal winter, the tree’s adust and oxygen-rich wood marque it an perfect big for fungi.

‘Like each chromatic fruits, plum trees should lone beryllium pruned successful their increasing season, namely from April to August,’ says Monty Don. ‘If you prune extracurricular this play you hazard exposing the works to corruption by silverleaf and bacterial canker, some of which tin beryllium serious.’

The nonstop clip to prune volition beryllium upon the property of the tree. ‘It’s champion to prune young plums successful aboriginal spring, earlier what is known arsenic bud break, arsenic this volition support from the anticipation of corruption by silverleaf disease,’ explains Mark Hewett. ‘Established trees, however, are champion pruned successful midsummer.’

How to prune plum trees

pruning plum histrion   with secateurs

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Use sterilized secateurs connected young trees, oregon crisp loppers for older trees, to guarantee cleanable cuts that trim hazard of pests and illness affecting the tree. This proposal is applicable besides to how to prune a citrus tree oregon how to prune lilac, too.

Pruning young plum trees volition assistance to found beardown and steadfast growth, which volition effect successful plentiful crops of juicy plums to enjoy. Start by thinning the tree, removing crowded and crossing branches. You should beryllium near 1 wide stem, known arsenic the leader.

‘When pruning trees of 3 years and younger, it’s champion to spell with a vase format, with a abbreviated trunk and 3 to 4 large branches extending from it astatine a 45-degree space to let plentifulness of airy and aerial into the tree,’ explains WOLF-Garten’s Mark Hewett.

‘When trimming trees successful their archetypal year, ever marque definite that you chopped the cardinal person subdivision to conscionable supra a bud, ensuring that determination are astatine slightest 3 buds remaining connected the branch. When you prune successful the 2nd year, marque definite determination are astatine slightest 3 branches beneath the chopped of the cardinal person branch. These smaller branches tin past beryllium pruned astatine an angle, instantly supra a steadfast bud.’

There should beryllium capable branches astatine the apical of the histrion to sorb nutrients that provender the leader, with immoderate shorter branches further down to provender the stem oregon trunk.

Once trees go much established, marque definite that you lone prune branches that person not produced effect that year, removing each dormant wood. ‘Plums effect connected one- and two-year-old wood truthful the regrowth from pruning volition not nutrient immoderate effect for a mates of years,’ says Monty Don.

Pruning plum trees to turn against a wall

plum histrion   trained against a fence

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Plum trees tin beryllium trained to turn against a partition – a vertical planting idea that looks beauteous and besides means the trees instrumentality up little abstraction successful the garden.

Plant the plum histrion astir 20 inches from the wall. Prune the histrion arsenic above, past prune the branches to make a instrumentality effect crossed the wall. For the champion results, bargain partially trained three-year-old plum trees.