When to repot orchids – for beautiful blooms

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Knowing erstwhile to repot orchids is important to guarantee the plants enactment steadfast and proceed to bloom reliably.

With their delicate, exotic-looking flowers, orchids are the astir beauteous houseplants, and determination are truthful galore antithetic varieties and colors to take from. Though they person a estimation for being high-maintenance, they are really precise casual to look aft erstwhile you cognize how.

However, arsenic portion of your orchid care regime, you indispensable larn to spot erstwhile it’s clip to repot them, and erstwhile to permission them alone.

When to repot orchids – expert guide

Orchids should beryllium repotted each 1 to 3 years – but lone erstwhile they request it.

‘The bulk of orchids person been bred to turn successful 1 peculiar size pot, truthful the lone clip you would privation to repot your orchid is if the works has go cookware bound,’ explains Paige Harmon astatine Westerlay Orchids. 

To admit erstwhile your orchid is cookware bound, wage adjacent attraction to the roots. ‘The roots volition beryllium increasing retired of the pot. When you h2o the works you volition announcement that the cookware is not retaining immoderate moisture and each the h2o passes through. This is the denotation that it is clip to repot.’

You volition besides privation to repot your orchid if the potting premix has begun to interruption down – cheque for compacted substance and tons of tiny particles. When the potting premix breaks down, it besides restricts nutrients to the roots, causing them to dice off.

To rept your orchid, take a cookware that’s not overmuch bigger than the existent container.  ‘A bully wide regularisation of thumb is to cookware for the bottommost of the plant, the basal system, and not for the top, the foliage,’ accidental the experts astatine the American Orchid Society.

The potting mean you take is important to the plant’s occurrence – ne'er usage houseplant soil. A bully bark premix volition champion replicate their earthy increasing conditions, retaining moisture but besides allowing h2o to drain. This indispensable beryllium caller – bash not reuse aged mix.

You should besides beryllium wary of cutting the roots – lone region those that are dried up oregon rotting. Damaging caller roots tin beryllium detrimental to the orchid’s health.

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Do orchids similar to beryllium basal bound?

Unlike galore different plants, orchids respond good to their roots being restricted, truthful there’s nary request to upgrade them to a overmuch larger pot.

‘Many orchids (including the moth orchid) are epiphytes – they people turn connected trees, but bash not harm oregon instrumentality nutrients from the trees successful immoderate way,’ says Valeria Valkova, caput of the nursery astatine McBean's Orchids. 

'Their roots are beardown and person evolved to clasp onto thing – successful our lawsuit it's the pot. Therefore the happiest orchid is the 1 that has its basal tightly gripping the pot.'

When to repot orchids phalaenopsis

Knowing erstwhile to repot orchids of the phalaenopsis (moth) assortment is the aforesaid arsenic for immoderate different benignant of orchid.

Look for the roots increasing up the stem oregon creeping implicit the sides of the pot. Check to spot if the potting premix has started to degrade, and analyse the works for dying roots.

What period bash you repot orchids?

The champion clip to repot orchids is aft they person flowered, which is astir apt to hap successful the outpouring oregon summer. Prime repotting months are May, June and July.

However, with the objection of orchids that nutrient ​​pseudobulbs, specified arsenic cattleya, orchids tin beryllium repotted successful immoderate period of the year.