When to trim boxwood bushes

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Wondering astir erstwhile to trim boxwood bushes? Pruning boxwoods keeps them successful signifier whether they’re grown arsenic hedging, oregon clipped into geometric shapes.

Trimming boxwood bushes besides encourages steadfast maturation of what galore see 1 of the best evergreen shrubs and should beryllium carried retired annually whether they’re newer additions to the backyard oregon much established features of the design. 

Here, we look astatine erstwhile to trim boxwood bushes truthful they thrive and bring the signifier and operation desired to the yard.

When to trim boxwood bushes

While boxwood isn’t among the champion fast increasing hedges, it’s nevertheless important to support it by trimming. While boxwoods can, successful theory, beryllium clipped astatine immoderate clip of the year, doing truthful successful autumn doesn’t let caller maturation to harden disconnected earlier winter. 

Bear successful caput erstwhile trimming boxwood bushes that you should ever instrumentality attraction to sanitize tools, disinfecting them earlier and aft the task to minimize the likelihood of spreading disease.

This is erstwhile to trim boxwood bushes.  

Trim boxwood bushes successful spring

Trimming boxwoods into signifier is champion undertaken successful the spring. But determination is an exception. ‘Trimming stray branches and thinning cuts tin beryllium done anytime during the increasing season,’ accidental the experts astatine the Chicago Botanic Garden (opens successful caller tab).

Trimming boxwoods successful outpouring earlier they statesman to flush volition region aged wintertime colour and immoderate burned tips. Trimming astatine this clip of twelvemonth ensures caller maturation volition look soon and stimulates it, too. ‘Doing truthful successful this clip framework besides minimizes the hazard of the works being affected by diseases,’ says adept Charles King Sadler successful a tutorial for the European Boxwood & Topiary Society (opens successful caller tab) (EBTS).

Later trimming for boxwood bushes

If you privation to signifier boxwood due to the fact that you’re increasing it arsenic topiary, mature plants tin beryllium trimmed aft the outpouring flush. Be mindful, however, that the maturation that results could beryllium damaged by aboriginal frosts.

When to trim boxwoods according to their age

Trimming young boxwood plants successful outpouring volition promote bushy maturation during the archetypal fewer years of growth, truthful it’s worthy scheduling trimming into your diary for these shrubs. 

Older boxwood plants that person been neglected tin beryllium pruned hard successful spring. However, it’s important to bash this successful stages implicit respective years, arsenic pruning much radically tin jeopardize the plant’s health. 

If you’re planting boxwood, ever carnivore successful caput the characteristics of the cultivar and whether it’s compact, upright oregon spreading to debar the request to trim excessively.

How precocious successful the play tin you prune boxwoods?

‘The latest clip for you to trim your boxwoods is during precocious spring,’ says Joe Taylor laminitis of location betterment and plot work PlumbJoe (opens successful caller tab)

‘Trimming during this play volition let the tips of your boxwood bushes to afloat harden disconnected earlier winter. Every clip you trim your boxwood, caller maturation appears. The maturation volition request clip to turn and get stronger to hole itself for colder temperatures.’

Trimming boxwoods promotes growth. ‘Pruning your boxwoods helps them support their shape. It besides helps beforehand caller and healthier growth,’ explains Joe Taylor. ‘Boxwood bushes volition continuously grow, however, astatine times, an overgrowth tin origin the works to go unhealthy. Trimming volition assistance you chopped disconnected immoderate dormant branches and leaves, providing much country for the caller maturation to blossom.’