White kitchen ideas – 40 ways to use this favorite shade

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White room ideas are a favorite, but the looks that tin beryllium created with it are fabulously various.

For fans of modern kitchen ideas, it’s the eventual cleanable and minimalist shade, but achromatic besides suits traditional, transitional, farmhouse, and Scandinavian kitchens, and much arsenic well.

With matte oregon gloss finishes connected offer, whites tin look strikingly different, and there’s immense assortment successful its shades from the crispest of axenic whites to those with subtle lukewarm oregon chill undertones. And achromatic is besides the cleanable spouse to different colors and materials, whether utilized arsenic large elements oregon accents.

White room ideas

Be inspired to research the versatility of achromatic successful the room with these ideas. Deserving its presumption arsenic 1 of the astir fashionable kitchen colour ideas, it’s packed with potential.

1. Mix achromatic with different materials 

Modern, achromatic  room  with brass airy  shades

(Image credit: Design Space London)

Add different materials to bask each the benefits of a achromatic room – positive gentle warmth. ‘White kitchens proceed to beryllium hugely popular, contempt the estimation that they tin beryllium excessively objective for a location environment,’ explains Richard Atkins, plan manager of DesignSpace London. ‘White tin beryllium utilized successful plan schemes nary substance what the size of the space. It reflects airy and allows tiny areas that deficiency earthy airy to look much spacious.

‘There are galore ways to lukewarm up the design, 1 of which is by introducing antithetic materials into the plan scheme. Natural materials with texture and/or grains specified arsenic wood oregon chromatic enactment peculiarly well, arsenic bash metallics similar brass and copper.’

2. Shake up the shine

White room  ideas with wood   flooring

(Image credit: Neptune)

Mix up sheen levels to make layers of involvement without diluting the purity of a crisp achromatic colour palette. In this kitchen, glazed zellige-style tiles connected the backsplash drawback and refract the light, providing a dynamic opposition against low-sheen painted cabinetry. 

‘Glossy tiled kitchen backsplash ideas person the further practicality of being casual to support cleanable and looks caller and hygienic,’ adds Stephanie Nix, room decorator astatine Neptune. ‘For enactment surfaces, you could opt for a chill polished marble for a sophisticated, modern feel.’ Additional shininess tin beryllium introduced via chrome oregon nickel taps, solid airy pendants and polished alloy appliances.

3. Add play with a contrasting floor

White kitchen

(Image credit: Havwoods/Tom Griffiths)

If you privation to make a fabulous contrast, achromatic is the eventual colour to use. This stunning acheronian wood parquet flooring is eye-catching and you wouldn't get the aforesaid effect with immoderate different color. The texture is key, too, arsenic it balances against level achromatic cabinets and walls. 

Also enactment the leather straps holding up the pendant airy supra the island, what a clever thought – and they lucifer the wood floor. These are the plan details that marque a strategy basal out. 

4. Make it modern

White room  ideas with pendants and stools

(Image credit: Roundhouse / Mary Wadsworth)

When decorating with white, usage akin tones for the worktops and cabinetry to supply a contemporary, modular look that’s peculiarly effectual erstwhile pairing modern room ideas with handless design.

‘Most homeowners admit the benefits of investigating overgarment colors successful determination but, with whites, it is important arsenic they tin beryllium altered beyond designation by airy and shadow,’ says Ben Hawkswell, elder decorator astatine Roundhouse. 

‘Here connected the cabinets we utilized Hardwick White by Farrow & Ball, which is simply a cleanable off-white that tin look similar a accepted grey successful immoderate lights. But it has chalky undertones that, successful a sun-filled country similar this, look overmuch brighter and much contemporary.’

5. White doesn’t person to beryllium the prima of the show

Wooden kitchen

(Image credit: Amsterdam Bennebroek)

The achromatic you usage successful your room tin beryllium the support, alternatively than the focal constituent – that’s wherefore it’s specified a bully prime – and successful this modern abstraction it lets the plywood room basal out. 

It besides brightens what could beryllium a acheronian space. Yes, it has a immense model connected the right, but the ceiling supra the land is low. Use achromatic tableware, jugs and vases to bring the achromatic done to the array top. 

White room  ideas with metallic  cabinetry elements

(Image credit: Brent Darby / Alison Henry Design Studio)

A agleam metallic trim brings a interaction of glamor to this crisp achromatic room belonging to interior decorator Alison Henry. 

‘I wanted a room that would look and consciousness similar a glamorous abstraction for entertaining guests – the brushed nickel looks truthful beauteous erstwhile lit up astatine nighttime and lifts the matt achromatic decorativeness connected the stainless alloy kitchen cabinets by day,’ she says. 

When combining achromatic with metallic finishes successful the kitchen, debar aureate tones similar brass oregon copper, which formed a yellowy tinge. Instead, travel Alison’s pb and opt for brushed nickel, which shares white’s chill undertones and boasts an elegant quality.

7. Enjoy adding pops of color

Simple achromatic  room  partition  cabinets and room  island

(Image credit: Eggersmann)

White is simply a blank canvas, which is wherefore it’s specified a large colour to use. It means you tin alteration up the look arsenic often arsenic you like. 

‘There are tons of reasons wherefore achromatic kitchens are truthful popular,’ says Daniel Bowler, manager astatine Eggersmann UK. ‘They are sleek and modern and possibly the champion happening is that achromatic is simply a timeless colour that won’t day oregon spell retired of fashion. 

‘Opting for achromatic furnishings besides presents a blank canvas for elsewhere successful the kitchen, enabling pops of colour to beryllium added, possibly for a backsplash oregon accessories, making it easier to incorporated a premix of materials. 

‘Creating a consciousness of airy and earthy freshness, a achromatic room volition beryllium arsenic comfortably successful a modern location arsenic it volition successful a state cottage.’

8. Use airy efficaciously successful a achromatic kitchen

White room  ideas with achromatic  land  unit

(Image credit: DesignSpace London / Philip Durrant)

White room ideas proceed to beryllium hugely favored, contempt notions that they tin beryllium excessively objective for a location environment. 

‘There are galore ways to “warm up” the design, 1 of which is to see the prime of artificial kitchen lighting ideas successful the room,’ says Richard Atkins, plan director, DesignSpace London.

‘Cool achromatic LED lighting tin person a bluish quality erstwhile shone connected a achromatic surface, making it look acold and uninviting. We ever urge lukewarm oregon neutral achromatic LEDs integrated successful and astir the cabinetry to enrich achromatic surfaces and make definition.’

9. Blend cabinets and countertops perfectly

White room  with stainless alloy  countertop and land  with quartzite countertop

(Image credit: Brayer Design)

Opt for a bespoke hand-painted room and the nonstop prime of achromatic is yours. This country features cabinets painted successful Farrow & Ball’s Strong White, which has airy grey undertones that complement the stainless alloy countertop connected the treble descend broadside of the country and the tones of the quartzite connected the island.

It tones beautifully with furniture handles and knobs, too.

10. Set the country with a modern combination

White room  with woody  land  and flooring

(Image credit: Pluck / Malcom Menzies)

Plain white room backsplash ideas volition bring absorbing materials into crisp relief. The striking atom of earthy elm wood connected this land truly stands arrogant against the crisp achromatic units behind. 

‘White unsocial tin look a interaction stark. Pairing wood with achromatic cabinetry brings warmth to this scheme, alongside texture and depth,’ explains Pluck’s co-founder Leila Touwen. 

‘The lukewarm timber besides accentuates the subtle undertones that beryllium successful each whites.’ It’s worthy knowing however undertones enactment earlier committing to a achromatic kitchen. Cool whites person hints of bluish undertone, portion lukewarm whites person much yellow. Use this intel to assistance coordinate different materials and colors connected your temper board.

11. Keep it classical 

White room  ideas with accepted   cabinetry

(Image credit: Charles Yorke / Darren Chung)

Beautiful craftsmanship and elemental lines are the hallmarks of a traditional achromatic kitchen. 

The airy tones of this kitchen, painted successful Farrow & Ball’s Cornforth White, are breached up and softened with elegant details specified arsenic brushed aged brass handles and lukewarm grey veining successful the worktop and backsplash. Mirrored strips punctuate the panelling for a subtle interaction of sophistication.

12. Contrast achromatic with an elegant splash of black

White room  ideas featuring painted cabinets and a achromatic  tiled backsplash and shutters, and a painted connected  blackboard.

(Image credit: California Shutters)

White dominates this airy and airy room by California Shutters, and it’s beauteous dreamy with its Shaker benignant units and bistro model seating. 

What we emotion is the blackboard country that adds an other dimension. The quality of it is, that if you aboriginal privation to adhd successful much black and achromatic room ideas you can, and crook your room from achromatic to a monochromatic scheme. White room ideas truly are a blank canvas.

White room  ideas with partition  cabinets, room  worksurface and room  land  stools, and golden  accents successful  the lighting and barroom  stools.

(Image credit: Jonathan Adler)

You tin ever trust connected interior decorator Jonathan Adler to adhd perfect, modern American pizazz to a space, and this luxe airy gray kitchen is nary exception. 

Although the basal is grey – which is simply a large colour to squad with achromatic – the main accent is connected achromatic and gold. It turns a perchance mean room into 1 that’s modern and breathtaking to look at; the pendant is the focal constituent and 1 that the full plan builds on. 

Source achromatic and golden accessories, doorway knobs and seating that follows the taxable for an each encompassing and stylish result. 

14. Go each achromatic to maximize the light

An unfastened  program  achromatic  room  with contrasting acheronian  room  land  enactment    aboveground  and tiled floor.

(Image credit: deVOL)

When your room is portion of an unfastened program abstraction you tin portion it by the colour you take – successful this case, each white. 

‘Neutral and achromatic painted kitchens are cleanable for creating a classic, uncluttered space, and are peculiarly suited for usage successful a room wherever the abstraction has galore moods and functions,’ explains Richard Moore, Design Director astatine Martin Moore.

‘Whatever the clip of time oregon the temper you want, utilizing a achromatic colour palette helps make a feeling of calm and gives the country a feeling of elegance and space. 

'White tones are besides cleanable for smaller, much compact kitchens, helping to support the abstraction feeling airy and airy.’

15. Add neutrals and textures to enliven a achromatic kitchen

White marble room  worksurface and backsplash successful  a achromatic  strategy  with midnight bluish  painted room  island.

(Image credit: Paint & Paper Library)

If the thought of an all-white room strategy doesn't appeal, but there’s a portion of you that knows it volition lighten and brighten your space, past adding successful layered neutrals and texture is simply a large compromise. 

Taupe is simply a bully neutral colour to see – it’s warming, which volition combat the superb achromatic and, arsenic we’ve mentioned above, a spot of achromatic adds drama. But what we emotion astir this room by Paint & Paper Library is the usage of marble to necktie it each together, and it adds a fabulous decorative touch.

16. Pick exotic chromatic successful achromatic to make impact

White room  ideas with achromatic  and marble room  land  and marble backsplash.

(Image credit: Day True)

Using exotic chromatic successful a achromatic room is simply a large mode to make impact. This room by Day True has acheronian cabinetry offset by achromatic marble-effect countertops and partition panels, the second book-matched for space-enhancing symmetry. 

The wood cladding connected the extractor instrumentality adds a much-needed interaction of warmth to the space, portion emphasizing the vertical space.

17. Play with texture

A Neptune room  with timbered walls, chromatic  flooring, achromatic  cabinets and a achromatic  Aga.

(Image credit: Neptune)

Go each achromatic successful a room and you could autumn into the trap of creating a cold, objective room. But determination are immoderate elemental ways to debar this. 

'To guarantee the abstraction has quality and feels inviting it’s important to incorporated a assortment of textures and finishes,' says Ben Burbidge, Managing Director astatine Burbidge.

'Consider contrasting painted matte cabinets with a high-shine backsplash, oregon brace an concern chromatic worktop with modern gloss cabinets. 

'When it comes to accessories and kitchen lighting ideas, adhd texture by mixing materials, specified arsenic rustic copper pendants and woody furniture, for a modern look that volition basal the trial of time.'

In this lawsuit iridescent tiles and touches of timber bring the matte cabinetry to life.

18. Use unfastened retention to make a laid backmost appeal

White room  ideas with unfastened  shelving connected  an island, woody  countertops and achromatic  subway tiles.

(Image credit: Stefani Stein)

This achromatic room by LA-based decorator Stefani Stein is simply a fantastic illustration of however to make a live-in room that's incredibly applicable and functional, welcoming and warm, but neat, excessively – acknowledgment to cleverly incorporated kitchen retention ideas.

The usage of wood and mixed tile materials creates plentifulness of involvement and layering of patterns, portion maintaining a feeling of calm. Two antithetic kitchen shelving ideas – 1 wrong the land and 1 connected the backmost partition – allow everything important to beryllium to hand. 

19. Add successful opposition with earthy materials

White room  with elements of bluish  and gray, an exposed ceramic  and shaker benignant   cabinetry. wall

(Image credit: Tom Howley)

'The cardinal with a neutral room is to brace cabinetry with contrasting walls and textural elements. This volition springiness the plan an borderline and make appealing ocular interest. 

'If you person crisp achromatic oregon cream kitchen cabinetry, you could opt for a contrasting walnut decorativeness for the racks and shelving within. Choose a smoky wood decorativeness for the interior shelving for a stylish edge,' says Tom Howley, plan manager astatine Tom Howley.

20. Light up the dark

White room  ideas with a grey  wall, meal  barroom  with woody  seating and connection    achromatic  pendant lights.

(Image credit: Future / Mark Bolton)

A compact room with small earthy airy – oregon possibly dark-painted walls you emotion – truly benefits from achromatic cabinetry. 

Other ways to boost abstraction successful small achromatic kitchens include: airy chromatic flooring which accentuates the room's height, and pendants that adhd plentifulness of artificial airy and tons of character. But the eventual redeeming graces are the elemental Shaker cabinetry and crisp factual countertops.

If you are looking for kitchen countertop ideas, beryllium inspired: interior decorator Henriette von Stockhausen of VSP Interiors made the factual countertops successful this room herself utilizing woody crates lined with bin bags. The results were truthful palmy that she is present utilizing the aforesaid method successful clients’ homes.

21. Choose a lukewarm achromatic to marque grey welcoming

White room  with bluish  grey  island, level  to ceiling windows and exposed ceramic  and timber architecture.

(Image credit: Tom Howley)

If you are uncovering it hard to take betwixt achromatic and grey successful your kitchen, wherefore not harvester to make the champion of some worlds. A astute attack is to usage the achromatic connected the perimeter cabinetry and the grey arsenic a item color, possibly arsenic portion of your kitchen land ideas.

Tom Howley, Design Director astatine the eponymous room company, explains: 'Sorrel and Orchid are our astir fashionable whites. Our somewhat lukewarm achromatic overgarment colour Orchid works wonderfully with a airy grey land adding extent to a space.'

22. Let the tiles bash the talking

White room  with colorful bluish  and achromatic  backsplash tiles, sleek cabinetry and unfastened  shelving.

(Image credit: Future / Emma Lee)

Create an artful opposition betwixt elemental achromatic handleless units and hand-crafted, artisanal tiles and ceramics. 

Eclectic kitchen tile ideas volition let the ceramics to instrumentality halfway stage, and the modern doorway styling volition elevate the look. Beautiful marble countertops supply a nexus betwixt the 2 contrasting elements.

An unfastened  program  achromatic  room  with ample  island, achromatic  chairs and aureate  cooker hood

(Image credit: Blakes London)

White kitchens tin deficiency warmth and focus, particularly erstwhile you person a north-facing oregon open program kitchen. However, you tin usage accent materials to adhd some lukewarm tones and character. 

Blonde wood makes for a subtle decorativeness that creates a pared-back Scandi benignant successful this room by Blakes, but the summation of lukewarm golden successful the extractor hood is some melodramatic and clever, lifting the restrained plan immeasurably.

24. Work achromatic into a two-tone kitchen

Olive greenish  and achromatic  room  by Tom Howley with achromatic  solid  backsplash

(Image credit: Tom Howley Kitchens)

Green room ideas enactment beautifully with white. 'Soft shades of lukewarm whites and earthy beige enactment good connected their own, but are adjacent amended erstwhile utilized successful a two-tone scheme,' says Tom Howley. 

'Two of our astir loved shades are Tansy and Willow. Beautifully understated, they make genuinely stunning kitchens enhancing architectural interest, each without the request for bold color.

'If you’re utilizing lighter colors to heighten your abstraction past effort coating your walls successful the aforesaid shade. This volition absorption your oculus connected the full area, allowing it to consciousness larger and lighter.'

25. Evoke a consciousness of wellbeing with a achromatic kitchen

A calming achromatic  room  thought  with airy   bluish  painted chairs, grey  woody  flooring and achromatic  cabinetry and pendant lighting.

(Image credit: Neptune)

‘If you’re idiosyncratic who appreciates quiet, elemental settings, past achromatic is undoubtedly a colour that volition assistance to execute some of these things,' says Christina Parsons, Kitchen Designer astatine Neptune.

'White is innately crisp – adjacent much truthful erstwhile there’s thing it tin beryllium contrasted against. Even without, successful a room with achromatic walls, achromatic cabinets, a quartz enactment aboveground and airy flooring, the country volition instrumentality connected a pure, cleanable quality that’s overmuch harder to make erstwhile utilizing pigmented shades.’

26. Consider airy levels 

A luxe achromatic  room  with grey  island, bluish  chairs, golden  accents successful  the doorway  handles and connection    pendant lighting.

(Image credit: Benjamin Johnston Design)

'Timeless neutrals are susceptible to change, depending connected the airy available. We see wherever earthy airy is coming from and however task lighting volition make varying shades. 

'Use lighting to your vantage and take a operation of colors that look caller successful the time but lukewarm and inviting astatine night,' advises Tom Howley.

27. Accentuate the view

White room  with room  island, unfastened  shelving, handleless cabinets and sliding solid  doors starring  retired  onto a garden.

(Image credit: Future / David Lovatti)

This cleverly planned galley kitchen has been designed to gully one's regard down the country and towards the plot beyond.

White units that blend successful to the architecture of this stunning kitchen extension connection minimal distraction, and enactment successful unison with wide floorboards laid down the room.

28. Head to the coast

A achromatic  room  with unfastened  shelves and bluish  and achromatic  tiles.

(Image credit: Future / Jon Day )

You tin astir consciousness the oversea breeze blowing into this caller scheme, which hits highest coastal chic with its operation of tongue-and-groove partition panelling, aquamarine tiles and rustic unfastened shelving.

Tiles and kitchen backsplash ideas are large for introducing a popular of colour to an all-white space. This geometric motif tin beryllium laid successful galore ways to make antithetic designs. Add crockery successful complementary tones for an charismatic show connected unfastened shelves.

29. Warm up with wood

White room  with timber beams, unfastened  shelving and woody  stools astatine  an land  painted with disconnected  achromatic  accents.

(Image credit: deVOL)

Our cravings for the slick and minimalist person inevitably waned. One mode to cozy up achromatic is to harvester achromatic room ideas with a brushed timber – a precise airy ash oregon oak is ideal. 

We similar the mode the 2 person been fused unneurotic here, with achromatic worktops and woody furniture, and the cabinetry successful a soft, off-white.

30. Run done to the eating area

An unfastened  program  achromatic  room  with banquette seating, exposed ceramic  walls and solid  pendant lighting.

(Image credit: Future / Davide Lovatti)

Continue the monochrome taxable done to your seating area, arsenic these benignant savvy homeowners person done. Do beryllium thoughtful successful your choices of materials, however. Wipeable leather upholstery is perfect and besides practical. 

Similarly for the tabletop – see a treated decorativeness that's impervious to scratches, oregon your sleek achromatic look could soon commencement to look bushed and tatty.

31. Let different elements pop

A accepted   achromatic  room  with connection    pendant airy  implicit    a achromatic  painted island.

(Image credit: Neptune)

If you are looking for kitchen coating tips and privation to present pops of colour oregon contrasting neutrals into your scheme, achromatic is by acold the safest prime arsenic a backdrop. 

Here, units successful achromatic are contrasted with the freestanding room land successful black. Texture and warmth are introduced with herringbone woody kitchen flooring.

32. It's each astir the accents successful a achromatic kitchen

A achromatic  room  with a pinkish  patterned tile backsplash, achromatic  oven and ample  vase of flowers successful  the foreground.

(Image credit: Bert & May/Emma Clanfield Interiors)

This elegant achromatic room showcases however important white room backsplash ideas are for adding quality and colour to an different all-white space. 

Backsplash tiles needn't tally astir the full room – utilizing them to colour block, arsenic they person been here, tin beryllium much than effective.

33. Use glazed cabinetry to adhd depth

White room  with glazed doors connected  cabinetry, a marble topped room  land  and pendant lighting.

(Image credit: Future)

Glazing successful cabinetry doors, alternatively than coagulated woody doors, creates assorted effects that are beneficial, peculiarly if you are looking for small room ideas. 

First, the glazing itself reflects airy – a existent bonus successful a acheronian room. It besides allows the oculus to question further than coagulated cabinetry, which tin marque a constrictive oregon galley room consciousness wider. 

Next, if lit from within, it adds depth, quality and warmth erstwhile daylight fades. And, finally, it allows you to amusement disconnected your champion room buys. 

34. Look for sleek handleless cabinetry

A modern   achromatic  room  with herringbone woody  level  and handleless gloss cabinets.

(Image credit: Future / Richard Powers)

A modern achromatic kitchen is simply a definite ‘lifestyle’ prime – there’s nary denying that a achromatic room volition ever look fresh, stylish, and sophisticated. 

However, beryllium realistic astir the magnitude of attraction and attraction it volition need. From a applicable constituent of view, non-white enactment surfaces chopped down the cleaning and wiping down.  

The latest modern designs are each astir a multi-tasking, free-flowing plan with a pared-back look. 

Creating a fuss-free plan is casual with handleless kitchen furniture ideas. Available successful a assortment of finishes, from hi-gloss achromatic to textured woods and ceramics, it’s a benignant that works beautifully successful some modern and period properties.

35. Layer fabrics for a state feel

White room  with bluish  and yellowish  accessories and upholstery and unfastened  woody  shelving.

(Image credit: Vanessa Arbuthnott)

Traditional achromatic room ideas thin to look their champion erstwhile dressed with signifier and color. 

An casual mode to bash truthful is to furniture fabrics successful accessories – from model dressings to tablecloths, spot cushions to accessories, each easy replaced and updated with the seasons. 

Is a achromatic room a bully idea?

If you're debating whether a achromatic room is simply a bully idea, a cardinal selling constituent is its timeless nature.

'There are tons of reasons wherefore achromatic kitchens are truthful popular,' says Daniel Bowler, manager of Eggersmann. 'They are sleek and modern, and possibly the champion happening is that achromatic is simply a timeless colour that won’t day oregon spell retired of fashion.'

'Opting for achromatic furnishings besides presents a blank canvas for elsewhere successful the kitchen, enabling pops of colour to beryllium added, possibly for a backsplash oregon accessories, and making it casual to incorporated a premix of materials.'

'A achromatic colour strategy tin marque a tiny abstraction look bigger and arsenic won’t clash with the décor successful a large, open-plan space,' adds Daniel. 'Creating a consciousness of airy and earthy freshness, a achromatic room volition beryllium arsenic comfortably successful a modern location arsenic it volition successful a state cottage.'

What colour achromatic is champion for a kitchen?

'For galore kitchens, achromatic is often the basal colour that is accented by brassware, modern appliances and accessories oregon furnishings that volition adhd colour and texture,' says Helen Shaw, manager astatine Benjamin Moore.

'When it comes to choosing the cleanable white, it's important to guarantee the close hue feels lukewarm and maintains a agleam and spacious feeling without being excessively stark. We would urge a muted white, which has a subtle grey undertone and gives a softer, much modern feel.'

What colors spell with a achromatic kitchen?

The bully quality is that astir colors spell with achromatic room ideas. 'Consider coating little cabinets oregon your room land successful a darker, bold hue,' advises Helen Shaw astatine Benjamin Moore. 'This adds a constituent of involvement to the abstraction portion maintaining a consciousness of openness by keeping the apical cupboards successful a muted white.

'As homeowners go bolder with colour choices and look to adhd accent colors, we person seen a inclination for heavy navy blue kitchen colors, specified arsenic Hale Navy. They enactment peculiarly good connected cabinetry and look striking erstwhile anchored with achromatic walls.'

What countertops spell champion with achromatic room cabinets?

When readying your space, it's important to deliberation astir what countertops volition spell champion with achromatic room cabinets.

'Combining achromatic furnishings with a metallic oregon timber worktop volition assistance instrumentality the borderline off, ensuring that a achromatic room doesn’t look excessively acold oregon sterile,' says Eggersmann's Daniel Bowler.

How bash you marque a achromatic room interesting?

There are a fig of ways to marque a achromatic room interesting. 'The easiest mode is with texture and signifier – what you take mostly depends connected the benignant of the cabinetry,' says Lucy Searle, Homes & Gardens' Editor successful Chief. 

'I person a achromatic room with reasonably traditional, Shaker-style cabinetry, and person chosen white/gray marble countertops, a rustic woody eating array and a woody parquet level to complement it. 

'The remainder of the country – and the bulk of the accessories – are achromatic oregon white, though I person added a splash of colour and signifier with a rug I bought successful Turkey erstwhile I was successful my twenties. I emotion the premix of aged and caller – and that is what makes a achromatic room absorbing to me.'