Why a large kitchen island may devalue your home – according to estate agents

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It's hard not to autumn for the allure of a room island. This connection diagnostic has established itself arsenic an indispensable successful the astir stylish kitchens connected some sides of the Atlantic, truthful it is hard to judge adding 1 could beryllium a mistake. But it mightiness astonishment you to larn that it tin beryllium seen little favorably successful the existent property world.

Estate agents pass that bigger is not ever amended erstwhile selecting kitchen land ideas for your home. If your land appears excessively ample and disproportionate successful your kitchen, it whitethorn person a antagonistic interaction erstwhile it comes to selling your property. Here's what the agents privation you to know. 

Do ample room islands devalue your home?  

Mistakes erstwhile   designing a room  island

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If you’re reasoning astir ways to adhd value, beryllium mindful that ample room islands could really devalue your home. However, whether this is the lawsuit often depends connected your home's size and location. 'Here successful Manhattan, I spot the effect of oversized room islands with immoderate regularity, and the interaction connected a home's attractiveness and worth tin often beryllium negative,' says Ian Katz, a licensed subordinate existent property broker with Compass successful New York. 

According to the agent, ample room islands tin beryllium peculiarly unappealing successful properties built successful the 1980s and earlier. In these buildings, owners person often opened up a galley room by taking down a partition and expanding it into the adjacent surviving room. 

'When the land isn't designed with attraction to wide proportionality and acceptable wrong the larger surviving space, the effect tin beryllium an land that intrudes excessively acold into a surviving room,' Ian says. This open-plan surviving country idea sometimes 'eliminates abstracted abstraction for a due eating array for six oregon 8 radical – oregon a spot to spot a sectional oregon couch'.

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In locations similar Manhattan, an unfastened kitchen, ceremonial eating area, and relaxing abstraction are often astatine the apical of a buyer's agenda, the cause says. If the land takes distant from 1 of the second two, past it makes the homes ‘harder to sell'.  

So, ample room islands whitethorn beryllium a occupation successful municipality settings, but what astir different locations? Glen Pizzolorusso, a licensed subordinate existent property broker with Glen Christopher Luxury Collection successful Connecticut, says that the reply depends connected the benignant of the kitchen. 

'I person seen immoderate monolithic islands successful ample unfastened conception kitchens that look gorgeous,' helium says. However, helium suggests that the fashionable kitchen idea whitethorn deter 'buyers successful a room wherever the land is not proportionate' to the remainder of the space. 'But radical emotion large, well-proportioned islands,' Glen says. 

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London-based cause Robert Swann of Foxtons* South Kensington likewise refers to large islands among the features that tin deter buyers who are viewing your home. 'A large land is fine, but if it takes up excessively overmuch space, it tin beryllium an issue,' helium says.

Should you rethink your ample room island?

When designing a room island, it is important to see its size successful proportionality to your space, oregon it whitethorn person a antagonistic interaction connected your wide strategy – and consequently, the terms your location tin achieve. 

‘An land tin boost room retention and mentation space, marque it a much sociable spot to be, and make a fabulous focal point,’ says Lucy Searle, planetary exertion successful main of Homes & Gardens. ‘A bully decorator tin assistance guarantee it has nary downsides, and plentifulness of benefits.‘ 

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