Why are my tomatoes splitting? How to stop this common problem

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Cracking and splitting tomatoes are amongst the astir communal problems green-thumbed growers face. While this much-loved harvest is 1 of the easiest to grow, immoderate look to look harm astir precocious summertime – pursuing months of varying temperatures and h2o levels. 

The menace of a splitting tomatoes tin consciousness similar capable to deter you from growing tomatoes successful the archetypal place, but it shouldn't. While it is hard to warrant your tomatoes won't split, erstwhile you cognize wherefore it is happening determination is simply a elemental instrumentality to assistance springiness them the champion accidental astatine success, which we uncover below. 

Why are my tomatoes splitting?

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According to adept Kate Russell from The Daily Garden (opens successful caller tab), cracking and splitting of tomatoes occurs erstwhile the wrong of a herb grows faster than its outside. This tin hap for a assortment of reasons, including utmost heat, precocious humidity, dense rains, and utmost somesthesia differences betwixt nighttime and day. 

'Irregular watering tin besides origin blossom extremity rot, truthful due irrigation is ever a bully thought erstwhile increasing tomatoes,' she adds. 

How to halt tomatoes splitting

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Why bash tomatoes split? There are 3 main reasons, and what you tin bash astir them truthful that your vegetable plot ideas output a bully crop.

Over-enthusiastic pinching out

Kate Russell warns that removing excessively galore leaves from your works volition promote tomatoes to divided by the extremity of summer. So, erstwhile you're adjacent pinching retired tomatoes, it is champion to bash truthful with caution. 


Over-watering tin origin cracks successful the skins, too, truthful guarantee you support your watering regular to what's recommended, which is regular greeting watering aboriginal successful the season, past twice-daily watering arsenic temperatures increase. Do this with cautious though: tomatoes lone request up to 2 inches of h2o a week, with container-grown tomatoes needing much than those grown successful borders. 

Dry soil

You tin usage mulch to promote tomatoes' wellness further. Cory Tanner, the horticulture programme squad manager astatine Clemson University (opens successful caller tab) recommends adding 'mulch astir your plants with a 2- to 3-inch furniture of integrated mulch (straw, leaves, etc.)'. This volition conserve ungraded moisture. 

'[You can] support adjacent ungraded moisture by irrigating connected a regular docket betwixt rains. Avoid extremes of adust and bedewed soil,' Cory adds. 

Vegetable increasing adept Brett White (opens successful caller tab) uses a akin method. However, helium suggests opting for reddish integrative mulch [such arsenic this connected Amazon (opens successful caller tab)] that is designed to amended your tomato's health. 

'This stops splitting due to the fact that it reduces the magnitude of evaporation successful the ungraded that takes spot successful blistery weather, which allows the roots to entree h2o for longer periods of clip and successful larger quantities,' helium explains. 

Will divided tomatoes heal?

Horizontal cracks (concentric cracks) are usually mild and often heal; vertical cracks (radial cracks) are often deeper and little apt to heal. In fact, they'll usually get worse. 

Can you devour divided tomatoes?

You tin devour divided tomatoes if determination is nary fungus, insect oregon bacterial invasion, which should beryllium evident to the eye. If you spot divided tomatoes connected your plant, it's usually champion to prime them and fto them ripen indoors wherever they tin beryllium amended protected.