Why brown spots on hydrangea leaves appear – and an expert trick to cure them

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The question of however to dainty brownish spots connected hydrangeas is 1 that galore gardeners whitethorn look arsenic the flowers blossom implicit summer. Hydrangeas are beloved for their blue, pinkish and yellow-green blooms, and determination is thing rather truthful diminishing arsenic premature brownish spots to ruin their aesthetic. 

Knowing how to turn hydrangeas correctly is among the astir impactful ways you tin forestall brownish spots from arriving. However, corruption tin inactive occur. Brown spots are (most frequently) caused by the fungus Cercospora that commonly exists successful your soil. It usually reaches the works done overhead watering oregon rainfall. 

So, portion you whitethorn cognize when to works hydrangeas for optimum growth, it’s arsenic important to cognize however to dainty brownish spots if they arrive. The secret? Compost tea, accidental plot experts. 

Treating brownish spots connected hydrangeas – with compost tea

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Compost beverage – the (homemade) liquid mentation of coagulated compost worldly – is an integrated yet almighty mode to dainty brownish spots connected hydrangeas. So, it’s unsurprising that it’s truthful favored by experts. Here’s however they’re use it.

How to marque compost tea

'Compost beverage is an easy-to-make earthy remedy for brownish spots connected hydrangea leaves,' says  Jason White, the CEO of All About Gardening (opens successful caller tab). To bash so, helium recommends utilizing an aged pillowcase oregon a burlap container and filling it with compost.

'This volition enactment arsenic your beverage container arsenic you spot it successful 5 gallons of h2o and permission it to steep for 3 days,' helium says. After this time, Jason suggests pouring the liquid into a spray vessel [such arsenic this one connected Amazon (opens successful caller tab)] and applying it to the brownish leafage spots of your hydrangeas.

Expert Jen Stark (opens successful caller tab) likewise encourages gardeners to effort this compost beverage remedy. 'Adding compost beverage to a spray vessel and spritzing it connected the brownish spots connected your plants tin assistance region them,' she adds. 


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How does compost beverage dainty brownish spots connected hydrangeas?

How does this integrated attraction combat this communal problem? Jason explains that the compost beverage has beneficial bacteria that volition efficaciously combat the bacteria liable for brownish leafage spots successful the hydrangeas.  

And, to support your works further, helium suggests spraying the works with diluted liquid kelp to boost its immune strategy truthful arsenic to forestall the spots from recurring.

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Why bash my hydrangeas person brownish spots connected the leaves?

As the experts suggest, the astir communal origin of brownish spots is the fungus Cercospora. However, certified maestro gardener, Gabriel J. Croteau (opens successful caller tab) suggests the occupation could beryllium down to its wide increasing conditions, too. 

'Hydrangeas request afloat prima to turn good and bloom. If the works has been increasing successful the shadiness oregon partial shade, past you should determination it into a sunnier spot,' helium says. Therefore, erstwhile considering wherever to turn your flowers, and what to works with hydrangeas, it is important to take a spot that receives tons of sunlight. 

'Using compost beverage is an accessible mode to dainty brownish spots rapidly and effectively,' adds H&G's plot expert, Rachel Crow. 'If you look these spots – whether from Cercospora oregon deficiency of sunlight – this instrumentality volition cure your plants backmost to health. The lone happening near to cognize is how to prune hydrangeas to widen their lives further.'