Why style influencer Paula Sutton uses vintage furniture in her home

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Paula Sutton's Instagram posts are ne'er afloat of caller and shiny pieces. Instead, they're a testament to preloved and well-worn furnishings and decorative accessories, and the extent and texture they bring to the home.

In this month's  column, she tells america wherefore she loves shopping for antiques and filling her Hill House location with one-off and astonishing pieces.

Adding involvement to a country with antiques

paula sutton vintage and antique furniture

(Image credit: Paula Sutton)

'I’ve ever thought that the astir absorbing faces are the ones that amusement signs of a beingness good lived. The ones that person much-used laughter lines and the familiarity of a ‘well-trodden path’ of creases,' says Paula. 'Beautiful faces are the ones that bespeak the affluent tapestry of years filled with acquisition and wisdom…

I consciousness precisely the aforesaid mode astir furniture. The usage of vintage and antique furnishings successful an interior tin adhd history, substance and extent to adjacent the astir starkly modern of interior spaces. Older pieces adhd humanities ‘texture’, injecting quality and revealing their ain signs of being utilized and loved with each exquisite imperfection. Worn similar badges of honour – a scuff here, a worn-down borderline determination – these are each things of quality and wisdom.

'Sourcing antiques whitethorn mean browsing a section store oregon market, oregon shop for antiques from the comfortableness of your home. The hunt tin beryllium arsenic enjoyable arsenic the treasure recovered astatine the end.'

Timeless vintage style

wooden bureau successful  room  with achromatic  walls

(Image credit: Jenna Ohnemus Peffley)

'Antiques and vintage pieces usually past for 1 of 3 reasons. They are either precise beauteous – acold excessively beauteous to beryllium dismissed and replaced. Or they are overmuch loved and clasp a value excessively beardown to ignore. Most of all, they are truthful solidly good made that they person survived the assorted slings and arrows of clip and wear. 

The vintage-hunter’s jackpot is uncovering a portion that is each of these 3 things. In a applicable sense, it is simply a testament to the contented of the archetypal craftsmen that their creations tin beryllium passed down done generations. The sturdiness of dovetail joints oregon the artistry of a scalloped Knapp associated took clip and accomplishment to learn, arsenic good arsenic an knowing of aesthetic value. Creating a lasting bequest retired of large beauty? There is large contented successful that.'

Interior decorator Henrietta von Stockhausen is different adept who similar decorating with antiques and says connecting to the past helps to bring a consciousness of past and transportation to a home.

Mixing antique and caller pieces

Matthew Williamson chairs

(Image credit: Matthew Williamson)

Like decorator Matthew Williamson, Paula likes to harvester caller and vintage pieces to make a distinctive look.

'There is ever a spot for the thrill of caller and breathtaking pieces successful a home, but personally, I similar to premix those items with things that tin softly archer a communicative of a erstwhile beingness without overshadowing everything else,' she says. 

'The quality of incorporating older pieces is that they tin consciousness relaxed and beryllium gathered oregon collected implicit time, truthful ne'er beryllium acrophobic to premix antithetic styles and eras of furnishings. An evolved and well-loved location is eclectic and absorbing and should beryllium an look of the homeowner’s beingness and personality, not needfully a replica of a bygone era.  

Telling the communicative of your home

paula sutton sitting country   astatine  Hill House Vintage with antique furniture

(Image credit: Paula Sutton)

'When we bargain thing aged oregon preloved, we are not simply observers; we go an indispensable portion of the journey. Adding our ain idiosyncratic touches by renewing, reupholstering oregon repurposing tin guarantee that we assistance to elaborate connected the communicative by penning a caller chapter.

'In a satellite wherever truthful overmuch is regrettably throwaway, determination is simply a consciousness of permanence successful choosing pieces that person seen a beingness earlier us, and which whitethorn adjacent spot a beingness aft we person gone. To rejoice successful the much- utilized ‘laughter lines’ of vintage and antique furnishings is to bask a beingness that has been good – and beautifully – lived.'