Why you should never have an all-white bed – according to designer Jake Arnold

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If you're going to instrumentality chamber styling tips from anybody, fto it beryllium Jake Arnold. The decorator down John Legend & Chrissy Teigen and Rashida Jones's homes has launched a constricted postulation of bedding and decor with chamber statement Parachute – and the pieces epitomize his unsocial plan style. 

The British-raised, LA-based property is known for his quality to wed quintessential British charm with a relaxed SoCal style, and his caller bedroom ideas are nary exception. 

To people his motorboat with Parachute, Jake sat down with H&G to uncover the 1 styling mistake that helium urges clients to debar – and it involves a colour that is typically a steadfast favourite erstwhile it comes to color ideas successful the bedroom. 

Why you should ne'er person an all-white furniture – according to Jake Arnold

Jake Arnold designed bedding for Parachute

(Image credit: Courtesy of Parachute)

Jake Arnold revealed the 'all-white bed' is the 1 styling mistake you should avoid, but what should you bash instead?

'The all-white bed, portion easy, feels mode excessively sterile for the times,' helium says. 'Your furniture should consciousness polished yet comfy and inviting. Don't beryllium acrophobic to inject immoderate color, premix tones, and play with proportions and texture.' When looking for bedroom colour ideas, Jake suggests bringing darker, richer textures into your abstraction – thing that is simply a taxable of his collection.

'It's each astir mounting a temper – I americium obsessed with the palette of this collection. The heavy brownish tone, the buff pink, and parchment complement furnishings truthful good - whether antithetic woods oregon upholstery,' helium says. 

Jake Arnold designed bedding for Parachute

(Image credit: Courtesy of Parachute)

While all-white furniture linens are a harmless choice, the decorator urges you to span into much daring hues – but this tin beryllium simpler than it initially seems. Jake reveals that the cardinal to a balanced strategy is successful however you brace your existent paint ideas with your linen. But determination is simply a operation for each benignant of bedroom. 

'If your walls are painted successful a darker color, anchor the furniture successful a lighter bedding acceptable and accessorize with the brownish boucle propulsion and printed bolster,' helium explains. 

Meanwhile, if your walls are lighter, Jake suggests experimenting with a darker palette connected your furniture – past bring it each unneurotic with the furniture skirt. 'You can't truly spell incorrect with the premix and lucifer quality of the line,' helium adds. 

Jake Arnold designed bedding for Parachute

(Image credit: Courtesy of Parachute)

Jake hopes that, arsenic radical walk much clip successful their homes, these much daring color combinations volition let your abstraction to consciousness much similar a sanctuary – and this postulation is the cleanable spot to start. The pieces presently retail from $89-$749 exclusively astatine Parachute.