Wine room ideas – 10 ways to store and display red, rosé and white

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Connoisseur looking for vino country ideas to support bottles successful optimum condition? If you person the space, a dedicated vino room, customized built to accommodate a immense banal is decidedly worthy investing in.

In older properties, kitchen retention ideas traditionally included underground vino cellars – dark, closed stone-built spaces with nary sound oregon smells, and good ventilated to debar damp and musty odors contaminating the wine. 

But a caller procreation of vino rooms based supra people arsenic good arsenic beneath is present disposable and these ideas are definite to inspire. 

Wine country ideas

There are a multitude of vino country ideas truthful you tin debar keeping precious bottles connected racks oregon kitchen shelving, oregon filling up the refrigerator, including under-stair retention zones which utilize unused abstraction and glazed-off corners of the kitchen. 

High prime vino retention means a postulation tin beryllium preserved decently for years to travel with coolers acceptable astatine antithetic somesthesia zones to accommodate whites and reds. 

These custom-built pieces of kit – oregon rooms – tin beryllium fitted retired with bespoke retention including shelving, cabinets and barware (there whitethorn adjacent beryllium country to compression successful a barroom array and stools) with precedence fixed to bully task and ambient lighting. 

1. Build successful a stylish bar

wine room

(Image credit: Janey Butler)

Slick and stylish, this vino country formed portion of a ample location renovation of a historical Queen Ann house. Originally a long, bladed store room, the crushed level abstraction was extended astatine the rear to supply much quadrate footage positive a caller entree route. 

‘The clients initially wanted this abstraction to beryllium the gym which I advised them against,’ says interior decorator Janey Butler. ‘We suggested it go a vino country which could instrumentality vantage of the archetypal arches and presumption from the ceremonial lounge.’

Using sleek achromatic ash, the luxe country present links to the second on with a modern snug and besides the Bulthaup kitchen. The look is elevated with Crittall doors and windows fitted into archetypal ceramic arches, Gaggenau refrigerators, an automated lighting strategy and a specially sourced, integrated borderline slab of burl poplar for the perches.

‘The owners emotion their vino and are large connected entertaining with their ample household and friends,’ adds Butler. ‘The thought down the waney borderline barroom was truthful that vino and food could beryllium sampled – it’s a beauteous spot to sit.’

2. Opt for a spectacular vino cupboard

Wine room

(Image credit: CellArt)

A temperature-controlled vino furniture tin beryllium accommodated alongside kitchen retention cupboard ideas and this plan is utterly spectacular – and the cleanable enactment showstopper for this household room successful Québec. Inspired by honeycomb cells, the bespoke portion is made up of perfectly aligned, laser-cut panels which make the close extent to clasp the vino bottles. 

It features its ain adjustable somesthesia power (which tin beryllium changed according to what benignant of vino is stored) and a frosted solid backmost sheet fitted with built-in dimmable lighting that tin beryllium switched to implicit 14 temper colors, depending connected clip of time oregon societal occasion. 

‘The lawsuit wanted a vino cellar, but successful his kitchen, arsenic nary different rooms were available,’ says Jonathan Primeau, laminitis of CellArt. ‘They wanted it seamlessly integrated but with a small punch. The exterior wood was lacquered to precisely lucifer the colour of the surrounding room cabinets.’

The customized made Thermo doors are made of thermal solid – 2 sheets of solid separated by an insulated abstraction filled with gas. This insulating state reduces the magnitude of vigor transferred betwixt the interior and exterior and allows the cellar abstraction to beryllium perfectly sealed from the remainder of the room. 

3. Zone disconnected an awkward corner

Wine room

(Image credit: Higham)

Make organizing a kitchen easier by utilizing a country for vino country ideas. The awkward abstraction successful this bespoke room has been reinvented by positioning a vino retention country successful this unused area. The effect is present a focal constituent of the country (made from wood, Perspex rods and countertop material) and the cleanable spot for the proprietor to store and amusement disconnected his vino collection. 

‘A afloat glazed doorway allows the walk-in vino country to beryllium enjoyed from each angles,’ explains Tim Higham of Higham Furniture, ‘and the airy oak shelves and fittings wrong are a beauteous opposition against the darker grey cabinets.’

4. Go underground

Wine room

(Image credit: Spiral Cellars)

If you don’t person the country upstairs, luxury underground vino country ideas are a space-saving solution for storing vino – and don’t necessitate an existing underground cellar oregon basement. Fitted into the crushed (under immoderate crushed level room), the factual operation and built-in earthy ventilation harvester to make the close somesthesia and humidity conditions for optimum vino storage. 

‘People are ever pleasantly amazed erstwhile I archer them that a Spiral Cellar tin beryllium installed successful little than 9 days – it looks truthful awesome they presume it would instrumentality overmuch longer,’ says Lucy Hargreaves, managing manager astatine Spiral Cellars. ‘The existent quality of the cellar is not lone does it supply cleanable cellaring conditions to store 1,900 bottles of wine, but the descending spiral plan creates a truly stunning diagnostic successful the home.’

5. Swoon implicit a accepted vino cellar

Wine room

(Image credit: Albion Nord)

Wine aficionados volition adore this archetypal vino cellar, portion of a stately spot called Benham Park successful Berkshire. The restoration was portion of a task by interior plan workplace Albion Nord. 

‘The vino cellar has the astir incredible, brick-vaulted ceiling and wonderful, untouched floor,’ says Ottalie Stride, originative manager astatine Albion Nord. ‘The archetypal niches person been lined with limewashed oak drawers and backlit to make a warm, debased light. A French oak eating array and trestle benches look close astatine location successful there. This country would beryllium fantastic to person an intimate meal with a sommelier talking you done it all.’

6. Take the under-stairs space

Wine room

(Image credit: Claudia Afshar/Meghan Bob)

Small room retention ideas volition marque the astir of the room, but wherever to find a vino room? The abstraction underneath the staircase is 1 possibility. It tin beryllium transformed into a neat vino retention cabinet, implicit with invisible partition racking to clasp a prized vino collection. The brushed glow of the LED portion lighting seen done a transparent, frameless solid doorway make a earnestly chill diagnostic successful this plan and it’s applicable and beauteous each astatine once.

7. Set up a cellar bar

wine room

(Image credit: deVOL)

This basement room, with nonstop entree to a wonderful, sunken, walled garden, bedecked with greenery and ferns, was transformed into a stylish, French-inspired cellar bar. Star of the amusement is deVOL’s Curiosity Cupboard (painted successful slick Printer’s Black with a airy bluish interior) which tin clasp up to 180 bottles of wine, with abstracted spaces for magnums and shelves for liqueurs and spirits.

‘A glazed partition cupboard for glassware, a freezer and vino fridge and a Carrara marble worktop finished disconnected this small area,’ explains Helen Parker, deVOL’s originative director. ‘The customers had managed to find a vintage Tabac motion connected eBay; it came implicit from France and they got it renovated and attached to a airy painted ceramic partition to decorativeness disconnected the full barroom look.’

8. Add a glazed showpiece

wine rooms

(Image credit: Heritage Vine Inc)

Bespoke vino country ideas tin show a vino postulation to champion advantage, and this spectacular instauration has capableness for implicit 600 bottles of wine. 

‘The homeowner wanted a showpiece successful the halfway of their location that was modern, but lukewarm astatine the aforesaid time,’ says Jamie Dunjey, president of customized vino cellar institution Heritage Vine. ‘We did this by opening the cellar up, bringing it retired of the basement and into the limelight. They besides wanted their cellar refrigerated to 55 degrees to sphere the vino for years to come. This tin make challenges with solid cellars arsenic you tin ever tally the hazard of nether sizing a cooling system, starring to moisture gathering up connected the glass.’

The company’s expertise created a divided cooling system, engineered to forestall immoderate condensation forming.

‘We utilized earthy achromatic American walnut for the vino racking to springiness the country warmth but incorporated brushed aluminium rods into the plan to bring a much modern feel,’ adds Jamie. ‘Warm achromatic LED lighting was incorporated down the racking strategy to make a glow that makes a cleanable ambient situation for nighttime clip entertaining.’

9. Create a acheronian vino store

wine room

(Image credit: Westbury Garden Rooms)

Part of a larger orangery project, this bespoke vino store is simply a beautifully designed abstraction for the vino connoisseur homeowners. Finished successful oak and achromatic lacquered tulipwood with a achromatic granite worktop, it has everything needed to store bottles successful optimum information including a beardown exterior people timber doorway that has been treble glazed to assistance support somesthesia and humidity.

‘The acheronian and enchanting vino room, hidden down a glazed door, creates a play and enigma similar nary other,’ says James Upton, managing manager of Westbury Garden Rooms. ‘Paired with the lukewarm glow of theatrical lighting, it is simply a large mode to artfully show spectacular vino collections. These modern rooms tin beryllium installed into existing spaces wrong the home, requiring afloat insulation and a humidifier to support the close conditions.’

10. Turn vino into partition art

Wine room

(Image credit: Cell Art)

This is simply a fabulous mode to store and show a vino collection: a brace of surviving country alcoves has been transformed into design-led cellars that magically uncover hundreds of bottles of vino astatine the interaction of a button. 

Creating a super-cool partition installation connected archetypal glance, the modern, curved shelves down the thermo doors clasp 34 bottles each. Then, erstwhile the automated swivel cabinets are operated, astir 800 bottles are discovered successful the ‘hidden’ cellar behind: the cabinets person abstracted somesthesia controls, 1 for reds and 1 for whites/champagnes. 

‘It was created for a location with an English-Victorian benignant premix – tons of moldings and a splash of color,’ says Jonathan Primeau of CellArt. ‘The nonsubjective was to make a plan that could beryllium seamlessly integrated successful the surviving room, but that could besides bring an constituent of astonishment that clashes with the remainder of the house. When we crook connected “wine mode” with the automated swivel furniture, we aftermath up thing we truly didn’t expect.’

What is the quality betwixt a vino country and a vino cellar?

The quality betwixt a vino country and a vino cellar is chiefly to bash with determination – cellars are underground portion rooms are upstairs successful the surviving zone. These days it is becoming much fashionable to determination vino retention from a basement into the main household space. Today’s walk-in vino rooms are often located successful salient areas specified arsenic the eating country oregon surviving country and are similar modern works of creation with solid doors, LED lights and luxurious materials. Underground vino cellars tin alteration excessively – from accepted ceramic rooms with arches to slick solid constructions. 

Should vino beryllium stored vertically oregon horizontally?

Wine bottles should ever beryllium stored horizontally astatine a 45 grade space with the cork facing down. Keeping vino connected its broadside helps support the cork moist, which is cardinal for longevity, arsenic a dried-out cork tin origin seepage and premature ageing. If possible, store vino successful a acheronian and adust place; if you can’t support it retired of the light, support the vessel wrong a container oregon wrapped successful cloth.