Wood bathroom flooring: Is wood flooring suitable for bathrooms? The experts explain

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Over the centuries wood bath flooring has formed a beauteous instauration for homes crossed the world. Timber's timeless elegance and earthy characteristics proceed to marque it a fashionable prime for your bathroom ideas.

Now much than ever, wood bathroom flooring ideas has travel to the fore, with modern technologies enabling a plethora of patterns and textures that weren't readily disposable successful the interior plan satellite before.

Is wood level successful a bath a bully idea?

In the quest to soften the look of bathrooms, wood flooring ideas are becoming thing of a decorator favorite. ‘Floorboards successful a bath adhd warmth and earthy texture,’ explains interior decorator Nicola Harding of Nicola Harding & Co, portion James Lentaigne, originative manager of Drummonds, focuses connected its character. ‘Using a existent wood level is simply a fantastic mode to bring property into the bathroom, making it consciousness similar a “real” country and 1 with a soft, affluent feel,’ helium says.

Wood bath  flooring

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Can you person wood flooring successful a bathroom?

Fluctuations successful somesthesia and humidity successful a bath and shower room whitethorn marque boards prone to warping, truthful consult your supplier earlier purchase: not each companies proviso merchandise recommended for bath use, portion others connection circumstantial options. 

‘Engineered wood is amended for a bath setting, due to the fact that of its operation and tolerance of antithetic environments,’ advises Lisa Persse, manager of Trunk Floor. Unlike coagulated boards made from a azygous portion of timber, engineered wood is made with coagulated wood layers implicit layers of ply for a unchangeable and robust result. Engineered wood tin besides often beryllium utilized with underfloor heating – your supplier tin counsel connected the champion bath and shower level ideas.

wood bath  flooring

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Where should I usage wood flooring successful a bathroom?

‘You bash person to beryllium much mindful of a woody level successful the bathroom, arsenic h2o near sitting connected its aboveground volition yet people oregon discolour the timber implicit time,’ says interior decorator Victoria Gray of Olivine Design. Do not usage successful bedewed rooms, and champion debar wood floors successful family bathrooms utilized by young children and anyplace other prone to tons of splashing oregon wherever damp towels thin to linger connected the floor.

That said, the joyousness of its earthy quality tin marque wood flooring a bully prime for bathrooms with cautious users, particularly since it makes an fantabulous antidote to the sometimes objective consciousness of a ‘tiled each over’ scheme. Nicola Harding suggests teaming level tiles successful the ablution country with woody flooring successful the different zones of the room. ‘Complementary but softly contrasting surfaces connected the level tin marque the country travel beautifully,’ she says.

wood bath  flooring with marble

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How bash you support wood flooring successful a bathroom?

Recommendations thin to beryllium merchandise specific, truthful ever cheque with your supplier earlier purchase. Some wood floors are protected and sealed with a hard wax lipid and fixed a last oiling upon installation. ‘We besides proviso attraction oil, which tin beryllium applied 1 oregon 2 times a twelvemonth arsenic necessary, to provender the wood and heighten the decorativeness implicit time,’ Lisa explains.

wood bath  flooring

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What to usage alternatively of wood flooring successful a bathroom

For the look of wood without the attraction requirements, see wood-effect porcelain tiles. ‘Unlike earthy wood, porcelain tiles are fade, scratch and moisture resistant, making them suitable for usage successful modern bathrooms and adjacent wet country ideas, and they are besides recommended for usage with underfloor heating,’ advises Jo Oliver, manager of The Stone & Ceramic Warehouse. ‘Advances successful integer printing person allowed porcelain tiles to beryllium produced with a “natural” saltation from tile to tile, creating the aforesaid ocular warmth that you get with existent wood – and a reproduction truthful close that they are often indistinguishable from the existent thing.’

Wood lookalikes for bath flooring

If you’ve ruled retired a wood level for your bath due to the fact that it isn’t due for your bathroom’s location, your household, oregon your budget, determination are alternatives which tin make a akin look.

Luxury vinyl bath flooring ideas tin person an authentic wood quality acknowledgment to today’s exertion and manufacturing, and immoderate vinyl tiles adjacent person a wood-like texture. It is besides an fantabulous non-slip bath flooring idea.

Consider bathroom level tile ideas, too. Both ceramic tile and porcelain tin replicate the quality of wood and beryllium easier to attraction for successful a engaged household.