Wood floor ideas for a bedroom – 10 ways to add character

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Choosing wood level ideas for a chamber is an breathtaking portion of a country plan arsenic there's a immense array of applicable and stylish options disposable to stamp property connected your space.

Hardwearing, durable and disposable successful a big of grains and colors, wood makes a large flooring thought for immoderate country successful the house. Bound with the quality of quality it's a peculiarly bully prime for restful spaces specified arsenic bedrooms and makes a timeless instauration for some accepted and modern homes.

From coagulated hardwood and engineered planks, to wood effect solutions, there's a wealthiness of options to take from, truthful to assistance you determine we've rounded a enactment of inspiring wood flooring ideas cleanable for bedrooms on with immoderate useful tips from the experts.

Wood level ideas for a bedroom

Deciding connected wood level ideas for a chamber takes cautious information arsenic what benignant is champion for your abstraction volition walk connected a immense array of factors, from the size of the country to the look you privation to create. Bedroom flooring is besides a large concern which is not casual to alteration erstwhile installed, truthful it's important that the benignant you take has enduring appeal.

One of the cardinal decisions to marque erstwhile it comes to wood level ideas for a chamber is what benignant to choose. Luxurious and long-lasting, coagulated hardwood offers unrivalled quality and timeless charm positive tin deterioration beautifully with age. 

Capturing the look of coagulated wood, but with the quality to beryllium utilized implicit underfloor heating, engineered wood is simply a fashionable enactment for bedrooms wherever comfortableness is key. Alternatively, wood effect options specified arsenic luxury vinyl tile are cleanable for bringing the quality of wood without the attraction needs.

1. Choose airy wood for an warm, agleam feel

Parquet wood   flooring successful  a bedroom

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

Bedrooms are backstage spaces wherever we unbend and unwind, truthful it's important that calm prevails. Opting for a airy timber with a gentle atom arsenic portion of a neutral chamber strategy is guaranteed to make a restorative, restful feel. 

If you emotion airy colored woods past the chamber tin beryllium a large spot to showcase them explains Amina Kamara, Chelsea showroom manager at Havwoods.

'In general, lighter colored floors volition necessitate more upkeep than darker oregon much varied colors successful a higher postulation area, truthful a lighter level is suitable for a bedroom, whereas a surviving country or dining area would beryllium amended suited to a acheronian colour palette.'

2. Choose wide planks for a elemental look

A chamber  with acheronian  grey  walls and a black, modern  4  poster bed

(Image credit: Davide Lovati)

When choosing wood level ideas for a chamber 1 of the cardinal decisions to marque is whether you privation a accepted plank benignant format oregon a patterned design. For those looking to make a simple bedroom past take straight-laid planks for a clean, streamlined look. 

'An oak plank level with fewer knots and atom operation variations volition springiness a uniform, architectural look whereas a two-strip (two staves of wood per floorboard) volition springiness overmuch much saltation and expression,' suggests Richard Aylen, method manager astatine Junckers,

If opting for a plank plan it's besides important to see the width of the planks arsenic this tin interaction the look and consciousness of the space. 'Wide committee plank floors volition springiness a much azygous look, particularly if you take a Classic people with precise fewer colour and atom signifier variations,' helium adds.

3. Add texture with decorative grain

Light plank wood   flooring successful  a bedroom

(Image credit: Chris Everard)

If you're looking to adhd texture to a chamber past see a wood with plentifulness of atom saltation and knotting arsenic good arsenic designs marque up of thinner planks. Wood flooring with highly decorative grains are a superb instauration for rustic bedrooms which are characterized by their abundance of earthy materials.

Some wood flooring companies people their timbers by however textured they are to marque it easier to for consumers to decide. How varied the atom of the timber is depends connected what portion of the histrion it is from, explains Richard Aylen astatine Junckers.  'We person 3 grades, Classic, Harmony and Variation. The Classic people is made from the innermost portion of the tree, wherever determination is little saltation successful signifier and color; Variation is made from the outer portion of the histrion which has much changes and differences; Harmony successful the middle. All the colorations and atom patterns hap people successful the timber and its idiosyncratic prime arsenic to which 1 you spell for.'

4. Bring warmth to monochrome schemes

white chamber  with achromatic  4  poster bed, achromatic  blanket, woody  floor, metallic  mirrors and broadside  table, upholstered footstool and achromatic  rug

(Image credit: Future)

Laying a wood level is simply a beauteous mode to bring warmth and texture to black and achromatic bedrooms arsenic demonstrated successful this blase space. While decorating with achromatic and achromatic is timeless and elegant, it tin origin spaces to consciousness stark and lifeless, but a wood level successful a affluent chestnut brownish volition beryllium the cleanable antidote. 

5. Add signifier with herringbone parquet

Chevron parquet flooring successful  a bedroom

(Image credit: Junckers)

Suitable for some modern and accepted bedrooms, herringbone wood flooring is simply a fabulous mode to bring a interaction of signifier and a timeless consciousness to interiors.

'In the past decade, the herringbone signifier has go highly popular, showing nary signs of abating. It’s an elegant flooring prime and the play betwixt the strict geometric forms and the earthy signifier of the wood is hard to beat,' says Richard Aylen astatine Junckers. 

With its soft, honeyed coloring this oak parquet brings beauteous warmth and texture to this blue bedroom.

6. Zone spaces with antithetic laying patterns

Venetian dressing array  and reflector  successful  foreground and locomotion  successful  wardrobe successful  the background, herringbone floor

(Image credit: Kasha Paris )

When deciding connected wood level ideas for a chamber it's a bully thought to deliberation astir the spaces that link to it, too, specified arsenic en suites and walk-in closets. Using the aforesaid code of wood passim is simply a large mode to unify these spaces and originative ocular harmony.

In this flat by Kasha Paris, some the chamber and closet diagnostic the aforesaid warm-toned wood, but the 2 areas person been subtly defined utilizing a premix of straight-laid and herringbone designs. 

7. Choose a acheronian wood for an atmospheric look

Bedroom with furniture  and nightstand, broadside  seat  and table, grey paneled walls and acheronian  wood   floor

(Image credit: Ted Todd)

Dark colors tin beryllium good suited to bedrooms, helping to make a cocooning and intimate feel. To forestall dark chamber ideas feeling excessively austere effort adding a wood level which is affluent successful texture with deep, lukewarm coloring specified arsenic these Burmese wood planks from Ted Todd.

8. Warm up the abstraction with a rug

Rug successful  a rustic bedroom

(Image credit: Carpetright)

Wood flooring tin permission bedrooms feeling acold underfoot, but adding a heavy heap bedroom rug volition instantly bring a layering of warmth and softness for a cozy feel, positive they tin assistance muffle dependable too, helping to make a relaxing situation conducive to sleep. This Berber benignant plan is the cleanable finishing interaction to a bohemian bedroom scheme. 

9. Maximize airy with a achromatic wood floor

Coastal bedroom

(Image credit: Future)

Helping to bespeak light, coating a wood level achromatic is an casual mode to instantly brighten up a small bedroom but besides makes a beauteous instauration for a coastal chamber scheme. 

If coating a wood floor, 'it is indispensable to usage a specially formulated level overgarment that volition beryllium durable and hardwearing,' says Ruth Mottershead of Little Greene. 'For brushed woods, knots should beryllium sealed with a wood primer to forestall staining.'

10. Create a diagnostic floor

Bedroom overgarment   ideas with painted checkerboard level  and azygous  beds

(Image credit: Paint & Paper Library/Isabelle Lomas)

Painting the level is an casual mode to make a playful diagnostic successful a kids' room. You could effort coating each plank successful antithetic color, oregon effort a checked signifier to springiness a motion to a circus theme.

Is woody flooring bully for a bedroom?

Wooden flooring is simply a bully prime for a chamber arsenic it is some stylish and practical. As good arsenic being hardwearing and durable, wood comes successful a immense array of colors, grains and finishes and tin marque a timeless instauration for some accepted and modern spaces.

Being a earthy worldly is besides a benefit, explains Robert Walsh, laminitis and owner, Ted Todd Floors. 'When it comes to the bedroom, wood floors enactment beautifully arsenic they are 1 of the astir accepted and earthy types of flooring. Bringing successful a interaction of quality and the large outdoors, they tin truly assistance to alteration your chamber into a calming and relaxing escape.'

'It’s important to marque definite your subfloor is successful bully condition. It should beryllium level to wrong 3mm successful a 2m radius, structurally sound, escaped of squeaks and escaped of protruding fasteners,' adds Robert Walsh. 

Which woody flooring is champion for bedroom?

Which woody flooring is champion for a chamber is dependant connected galore factors, from the size of the country to whether you privation to make a modern oregon accepted look.

Luckily, wood flooring comes successful a big of designs and tin beryllium laid successful a wide array of patterns, offering scope to make myriad antithetic looks and styles, from sleek and modern straight-laid designs to decorative parquet designs. 'You tin marque a existent connection with a herringbone oregon chevron plan oregon let the level to blend seamlessly with your existing décor with a plank format,' explains Robert Walsh. 

Luxurious and authentic, precocious prime coagulated hardwood options tin past for generations. When it comes to species, 'oak, ash, beech and maple are all hardwood timber species, precise hard-wearing and perfect for usage arsenic flooring,' says 'When made successful hardwood done and through, a wood floor can beryllium sanded and refinished respective times to good-as-new condition, oregon to adhd a caller colour oregon aboveground attraction to springiness it a wholly caller look says Richard Aylen, Junckers’ method manager. 

Equally sturdy and durable and offering the look of coagulated timber, engineered wood tin beryllium fitted implicit underfloor heating which tin often springiness it the borderline erstwhile it comes to creating a cozy chamber environment.